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Prezi for students, but school has no student email access policy

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Started by Monika Kern 01 May 2012 8:36pm () Replies (8)

Hi there,
I hope this is the right place to ask such a question!!!

I have thrown myself into the LT role with lots of enthusiasm and staff are right on board. After I had presented Prezi to them last term, I was asked to teach it to our tamariki this term as part of our kaupapa topic, promoting our town. I realised far into the preparation that you can't access Prezi unless you have activated your account through a valid email address, and to get a free Edu Enjoy account, you need to have an educational email account.

Our students don't have email accounts through the school. Our students are also too young to legally get a gmail account though I understand you can set these up under Google Apps for Education which I think we have somewhere somehow.
On top of that I just found out that we have a policy of students not being allowed to access their emails at school (I have been here a year and didn't realise this - oops!).

We discussed it at staff meeting yesterday at length; I am concerned about setting up a class email account to get a Prezi account because then every student in the class can access every student's Prezi - and we don't want them to tutu with other people's work.

Assuming we were to set up 175 email account through our school address, how long would it take? How long would it take me to login to every single account to set up individual Prezi accounts? All not quite workable I think.
I emailed Prezi to see if we could bulk register but a day later have yet to hear from them.

Any advice on this issue? Any suggestion what other programme we could be looking at instead? I am over Powerpoints...

Many thanks, Monika


  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 10 May 2012 8:44pm ()

    Thx heaps for the good suggetions except our school's policy still is that no students are allowed to access their emails at school, and we don't provide any school email addresses either. I had to park that Prezi unit and have today written alternative programme with Publisher and PowerPoint - less exciting but the best I could come up with... Maybe (hopefully!!!) in the future the school policy will be changed!

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