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Moderation online

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Started by Gerard Macmanus 22 Apr 2012 9:03pm () Replies (1)


Moderation Online is a tool for teachers, principals and school administrators to enable moderation to be completed within an online space. Moderation Online is a fully electronic resource for teachers to use while moderating the judgment of a student's work with a person, group or cluster of people.


The Moderation Online part is intended for primary and intermediate. Currently, we are at the very beginning of the trial phase with a few schools who have been contacted. Guides and further information will be made available with time.

I'd be interested to see how others are saving pages for moderation?
Is copying all of the students pages that are submitted the best way?

Anybody who logs onto my myportfolio.school.nz/moderation (you must have the institution staff rights - your MyPortfolio administrator at your school can give these permissions to you) should see the Moderation Online mode. It has a different theme than MyPortfolio. If you have problems, please clear your browser cache and try again.

As soon as you have logged on to the Moderation Online part, you are a member of a new group: Moderators. There you can discuss everything around moderation.

Join this group to contribute to discussions.

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