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Debrief Day 3 Film Festival

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Started by Kelliem 23 Jun 2011 4:09pm () Replies (2)



Impressed some finished early -added to blog

iPads good to keep attention

Such different outcomes -wide theme gives scope for lots of ideas

Teddy still has his eye (no children wanted to kill the teddy)

Kids gave great feedback at meetings before they left

Emma to send out questionnaires to gauge feeling

Parent commented about R who was at Kids Can 2010, saved up and bought a camera and has been making movies and is re-inspired now!

Parents trying to buy tickets for premiere on Thursday


Space -shared kitchen -communication

Morning tea mistress was tardy

A teddy bear was maimed in the making of at least one movie


Space needed for 3 days so can leave set up.

destination 2012 Broadgreen/Nayland

2012 Parent for morning tea & dishes?

spare computers for kids to take on their own learning after -when unneeded.

Think about funding -unlikely to be 3 days


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