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Debrief Day 2 Film Festival

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Started by Kelliem 22 Jun 2011 4:31pm () Replies (1)


Great to go to 4pm

Great to see adults teachers/parents visiting

Kids enthusiastic and hyped (off their heads) & ready to go

Great to spend time with such a great bunch of kids

Less stress -skills of teachers has improved (able to be confident to try more challenging techniques/ pass ownership to the kids more)

Teacher with not much experience loved kids being able to show them how.

Workshops were very powerful -more effective this year

Visiting teachers inspired to use this in classrooms -talking about how to use in the classroom

Parents thanking teachers for providing this opportunity

Mentors fielding visitors was good (some better than others)



Kids need a break when going through to 4pm -need afternoon tea.

Space -getting moved (Muritai)

Visiting teachers stood in the middle of kids working -didn't really seem to understand

Some criticism from visiting teachers -unnecessary suggestions/ complaints about working through breaks



Lots of footage not sure how to get to 2 mins

Doco-team coverage?

Next year - Documentary team needs 2 adults (Emma too pressured to do both)

Juniors need to go to 3pm both days rather than 12.30 then 4pm

Next year senior teams til 4pm both days

Need constant space for all 3 days -Venue change?

Emails were too long!

So what/Now what done with a teacher -to grab visitors first and give outline before -to stop interruptions. Outline expectations (could use extra mentors to guide visitors)

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