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Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

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Started by Claire Amos 21 Jun 2011 2:50pm () Replies (49)

Hi there,

I am keen to track down a good online Teacher Planner (and grade book). I have looked at LearnBoost and some other American ones, that don't seem quite right. I am trialling Outlook Calendar, but it doosen't have the other functionality (like gradebooks etc). I guess I could use a combo of Google Calendar and Forms, but I would prefer a bit of a pre-prepared package. Any suggestions??? I would love to have trialled it and be in a position to recommend something to our teachers for the beginning of 2012.

Thanks Claire


  • Caroline (View all users posts) 19 Mar 2015 4:35pm ()

    I use google docs for all planning and that works for my team and school as everything is instantly shared with everyone, all they have to do is look it up in their drive. Unit plans are edited by all teachers in the team as required. I collaborate with a lot of people in my classroom so my weekly planning is shared with the teacher aides, the Monday relieving teacher, the SENCO, and the van Asch teacher who comes in twice weekly. They can all read it at their leisure and know what's coming up. My team and the management team also have access should they want it. Unit plans & LTPs on googledocs  are shared school-wide so we can track what the other teams are doing and they are shared with the librarians so they can use it to prepare resources. It would be great, however, if the weekly planning doc synched with the school calendar, (does anyone know how to make that happen?). 

    This system works well for me because there are so many people involved.


  • Caroline (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2015 4:05pm ()

    Thanks, I'll play around with it and see what I come up with. Often when I'm planning I sit there with a few tabs open anyway and flit from page to page and that doesn't take too long anyway. I include links etc in the planning and that's great. No reason not to link to the calendar. I guess what I would really like would be if the calendar events transferred automatically into my planning doc on the right day. Perhaps I should use a calendar as a planner :). It's not such a biggie really and the google docs have made life so much easier.

    I didn't mention that I still do print it out each week and have it on a clipboard so my reading and maths rotations are in front of me while I'm actually planning, then I scribble my changes over top by hand. In this way it serves the same function as the black folder would do. I don't work off planning within the computer during the day as students are often using it to research, do something on the smartboard, mathletics, blog, edit movies etc. Planning is then filed so I can review it at my leisure and back-overview the term in reading or writing. Then I have a record of what actually happened, not just what I planned to happen and this informs assessments and future planning, and for reporting purposes. I also use google spreadsheets for tracking student progress and as they work through processes, in the same way that I use class lists. 


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