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Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

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Started by Claire Amos 21 Jun 2011 2:50pm () Replies (49)

Hi there,

I am keen to track down a good online Teacher Planner (and grade book). I have looked at LearnBoost and some other American ones, that don't seem quite right. I am trialling Outlook Calendar, but it doosen't have the other functionality (like gradebooks etc). I guess I could use a combo of Google Calendar and Forms, but I would prefer a bit of a pre-prepared package. Any suggestions??? I would love to have trialled it and be in a position to recommend something to our teachers for the beginning of 2012.

Thanks Claire


  • Josie Redmond (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2016 1:20pm ()

    I used Planboard for 6 months but ended up reverting to a word Doc.  Then I tried to convert it to a Google Doc but the formatting didn't like my layout, so I am back to my Word Doc but can attach the document onto Google Drive in a folder.

    Not ideal, but until I see or hear about an alternative that suits my needs it will do.

    What I want is a weekly plan and then my literacy and numeracy plans, including my taskboards.  It is something that I have fine tuned over my last 23 years and it is a true working document for me.

    Josie Redmond

    Year 7 & 8 Teacher in an Area School

  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 26 May 2016 6:07pm ()

    Hello Rachel

    We are using google sheets.  All our planning and data is stored on these.  

    Once you get used to it, it works fine.  But remembering to update is a pain.  When I used the black book I'd jot all over it.



  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 26 May 2016 6:05pm ()

    Hello Suzie

    I also use Hapara Workspace and am very interested in the ability to link an assessment doc from each student widget inside Teacher Dashboard so you can jump to this individual assessment doc from any of the tabs.

    How would I do this?  Or is there a Hapara link you are able to flick me?

    Thanks in anticipation.


  • Charlotte Hills (View all users posts) 26 May 2016 6:03pm ()

    Hi... the link to Hapara isn't working.

  • Rebecca Williams (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2016 9:27pm ()

    Someone mentioned awhile back a site called Planboard. If it is the one from Chalk, then it is the that I, and now several other teachers at my school, use and we love it! My planning is so much more detailed and efficient, and it's so easy to move lessons around, rearrange them, add resources etc.

    I haven't used the NZC standards as I've gone through and added all of my own - I use it as a kind of checklist of everything I need to teach for a unit. It's really useful being able to see which skills/concepts I've already taught, and then go back and see when I taught them!

    For those who are interested, you can find Planboard here: https://www.planboardapp.com/. You can attach resources to specific lessons or units - uploaded files/Google Drive files/links/videos etc. You can also share some things, and download the day's lessons as PDF - useful if your school allows you to use this for relief! It does take a bit to set up initially, but once you have it makes planning so easy! 

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 16 Feb 2016 5:30pm ()

    Hi there Arnika, and et al. I see this thread has run for a looong time and there are still so many people interested in digital planning for themselves and for collaborative purposes - all hopefully designed to help save time and double-up of data. 

    So... my wondering is...we (Enabling e-Learning) are planning to host a LIVE WEBINAR: Digital teaching planners (15:45 - 16:45, 17 Mar 2016)  this term on digital planners - would anyone of you like to join us and share what you have discovered already? laugh This could entail a 1 - 2 slide presentation - showing the tool/s in action and how digital planners are working for you (benefits to teachers/colleagues/students). The webinar will be hosted in Adobe Connect. 

    If you'd love to share what you've trialled so far, then please feel free to message me directly @ /profile/tessa.gray and we can talk some more. yes I'm sure many people would be interested in exploring this topic further. 

  • Kaye Gillies (View all users posts) 17 Jun 2015 10:38pm ()

    Hi Karly

    Thanks for sharing examples of google doc planners.  

    Cheers Kaye

  • Nicole (View all users posts) 17 Jun 2015 2:57pm ()

    Thanks for sharing! I have only just started using Google Docs this term so really useful to see how someone else does it.


  • Carly Kidd (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2015 10:30pm ()

    Some asked if anyone was willing to share their google docs planning...I have been using Google docs for the last 2 and 1/2 years  for all planning and most of my assessment. It has been fantastic for collaboration and sharing of ideas with other staff and now with the students. This year I am teaching an e-learning class and now share my planning with the class, just reading and maths at the moment! My students love it and  sharing it makes it so easy to share links with them to other docs or resources I want them to use.  It has also enabled students to continue with learning when they are not able to make it to school, etc.

    Here is a sample of some of mine over the years:






    Hope they are useful :)

  • Naomi Laycock (View all users posts) 05 May 2015 12:08pm ()

    I used google docs with hyper links last year but was frustrated that this was just a digital version of the old paper ones. I also printed them out each week which seemed to defeat the purpose of being digital. This year i am trialing using google calendar. I can use the repeat function to copy sessions, and modify only one session when needed. I put the group i am working with and change the colour of the event so it is easy to see who i am working with. I use the description part to add in the detail such as learning intentions etc and i can add an attachment or hyper link where needed. I can go back in and make notes on specific children and where they are up to with their learning so i am not losing bits of paper. i am loving the fact it flicks up when it is time to do the next thing as a reminder. I have shared my calendar with my team leader so she can look at it whenever she wants. Seems to be working well for me at the moment but am keen to see what others are using.

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