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How might we use Facebook/social media to connect to our school community?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 14 Jun 2011 8:26am () Replies (19)

Tara T-J recently shared this tweet that caught my eye:


She writes in her recent blog post that:

"I have been subtlety campaigning for a Facebook page at my school.  
The main reasons being: 
  • to engage our community 
  • to reduce our paper use 
  • to celebrate children, sports teams, teachers, and general school successes
  • to gain an insight into how many of our families have regular access (whether it be through home, work, education, library etc) to computers and/or mobile device
I don't know of many schools doing this (I am sure there are some though).  I know of Willowbank School in Auckland, Albany Senior High School, Coastal Taranaki School, and ACTS community school in Tonga (Go Miss Bramston!)

I have several unapproved friend requests on my own Facebook account (parents, ex students, current students) but have not been able to honour them.  We need to protect ourselves as educators and be very wary of how far we cast the net when it comes to our private lives.

However, facebook is a powerful tool.  It is a tool that is being used by our families.  The newsletters crumpled at the bottom of our kids bags are not always getting through.  So if our families are logging onto Facebook on a regular basis, why shouldn't we be there?" [Read more...]

"How? and Help!" Are you on the same journey as Tara?



  • Tara T-J (View all users posts) 27 Jun 2011 3:20pm ()

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your helpful comments.  We have started the facebook page and our community is starting to join up, 'like', and comment on our posts.  We are holding a parent information evening for Maths and Literacy towards the end of the term which will be a good opportunity to get the word 'out there'  So far we have just over 30 members which have joined through word of mouth.

    We have gone in with the assumption (as stated in my blog post) that

    "My school has a community filled with competent, responsible, educated, and well intentioned people"

    Comments are enabled and all is well.

    Thank you for the points made about the 'other' facebook pages.  There are about 3 already out there .  I have posted on the 'other' walls a link to the 'official' page. And members have come over to ours.  That was quite an eyeopener!

    I am looking forward to see what comes of it all - we are definately going to use it to celebrate success which I think will draw more members too.

    I am very new to the VLN so only just found this conversation - all comments are much appreciated. :)

    Tara TJ

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