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Helping those who are amazing teachers but "don't have time" to learn ICT

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Started by Andrew 13 Jun 2011 1:34pm () Replies (5)

Teachers among us who find ICT a challenge need someone (doesn't matter who...could be another teacher that they choose, or a teacher's aide or the caretaker,or....) that they feel they can ask over and over and over again the same old questions.

The helper must be calm (not like me), positive, not too clever... or fast, they must be patient (not like me) and persistant.

Also helps if you buy iPads and let the kids get into it. Then teachers have to have them. ANd they don't require as much work.

Hmmm, also those (reluctant ICT) teachers have to be prepared to give up some control of the universe and let there be exploration .... yes that is a hard thing to give up.


Experince with ICT does take time and play and frustration and exploration and being prepared to get it all wrong!


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 14 Jun 2011 8:04am ()

    You raise an important point here, AndrewSmile. You touch on the importance of giving up a bit of control - in effect, a movement towards more of a collaborative classroom, in which the students take a lead or where other teachers might have valuable knowledge to share, too.

    What comes first - knowing how to use the technogy (which can be a real challenge) or knowing how to integrate it into one's teaching (which requires understanding of both pedagogy and curriculum)? How do teachers address all those pesky techno-questions while keeping their eyes on the 'why', the purpose of using the technology in the first place?

    What is the issue that you grapple with most often, in terms of professional learning, your own context?

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