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How to help the 'technophobes'...?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 08 Jun 2011 11:39am () Replies (41)

There was an interesting opinion piece on the e-Learning Stuff blog this week, about the resistance, in some quarters, to using technology for teaching and learning:

'...but I'm a technophobe!' [e-Learning stuff blog]

If you are involved in professional learning, how do you manage this situation?


  • Chrissie Butler (View all users posts) 10 Jun 2011 3:09pm ()

    Yep Issac, I couldn't agree more. Great teachers are worth their weight in gold.

    Sometimes a really fruitful strategy, is to ask them if you could film or even just take photos of some of the work they are doing so you can share their effective practice with other less experienced teachers or with colleagues interested in similar things. It can be really informal in the beginning. The footage doesn't even need to be downloaded and can be watched on the camera itself.

    And if the lens is initially on just the learners, the teachers are often more willing to give it a go and let you in.

  • Chrissie Butler (View all users posts) 14 Jun 2011 10:01pm ()

    Not usually.

    I have often begun, by taking some stills of a resource, or maybe some close ups of a really engaged learner. Then I give the photos back to the teacher so he or she can use them if they want to.

    Slowly, I widen the lens, maybe capture a group of engaged learners, then repeat the process of sharing the stills. Next I might capture a short video clip of the above and again share.

    At this stage the audience is just the teacher, although usually the students want to see the pics.

    Next I might capture a still of the teacher with an individual learner or group. I try to frame it so that it is the learning that is the focus of the image. Then the same again with a video.

    As the teacher feels more comfortable and if we catch a gem, I ask if I can show another teacher. And slowly, slowly confidence grows and then we're off.

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