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To blog or nor to blog?

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Started by ainsley massarotto 24 May 2011 5:38pm () Replies (5)

I've been having a discussion with some friends (both teachers and non-teachers) about whether blogging is considered homework. Some argued that it is just mucking around on the computer, there is no need to write correctly and it may be helping to form bad habits. Others argued that least their kids are writing and reading, no matter the quality. I'm just not sure



  • Maria (View all users posts) 07 Jun 2011 5:27pm ()

    Thanks Tess and Emma for your excellent contributions to our new school teacher blog, and your points for Ainsley's discussion.  Ainsley, I believe the culture you have set within your classroom already encourages reflective learning and this is evident on your class blog.  You have moved through the novelty stage that is always evident with any new learning and now your class blog is the 'vehicle' for learning - with your students in the driver's seat.  There is no reason why (if that is what you want) homework cannot be done the same way.  You already have the processes in place - perhaps it is a next step? 

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