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Beyond the ICT PD contract - what does sustainability look like?

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Started by Tessa Gray 27 Mar 2012 11:06am () Replies (5)

This is the final year of the ICT PD project as we know it. Each year we have asked schools to consider what key lessons have been learned and how might these findings drive sustainability? Some guiding questions could include:

• What has worked well on the ICT PD contract?
• What do we want to sustain beyond the contract?
• What are the barriers?
• How can we overcome these barriers?

What is your school doing now to address sustainability of e-learning (beyond the contract)? We'd love to hear from you Smile


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    I think we must remember that ICT is a tool (essential tool!) in education.  This year is our first year as a school and cluster after the ICT contract. What are we doing?

    Continuing to work as a cluster! There are ten primary schools in our cluster who, for the most part, feed into the local intermediate and then college. Everybody came on board for the ICT cluster and the principals decided to keep the key teacher meeting etc going.  But what in? Well the intermediate identified numeracy as a area that "needed some attention" based on year 7 data. So this year the key teachers are numeracy leaders. ICT? Our shared cluster wiki continues - with that is a link to the new numeracy wiki that will have all information and links for rich numeracy tasks (of course using ICT).

    Yesterday we had our first meeting for this year. We introduced the wiki, watched our own videos of gloss testing and moderated them for the lead teachers to go back and share to their schools.

    VLN? I'm a watcher - and continue to get email updates and filter what is relevant to our school or cluster. Other ICT leaders (most not getting units now) from last year do a similar job. It's like running a sporting team I guess. Any questions about what we are doing please let me know. This is led from the top but we should not be hearing that this sustainability is impossible!


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