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Beyond the ICT PD contract - what does sustainability look like?

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Started by Tessa Gray 27 Mar 2012 11:06am () Replies (5)

This is the final year of the ICT PD project as we know it. Each year we have asked schools to consider what key lessons have been learned and how might these findings drive sustainability? Some guiding questions could include:

• What has worked well on the ICT PD contract?
• What do we want to sustain beyond the contract?
• What are the barriers?
• How can we overcome these barriers?

What is your school doing now to address sustainability of e-learning (beyond the contract)? We'd love to hear from you Smile


  • Chrissie Butler (View all users posts) 29 Mar 2012 5:16pm ()

    imageA few years ago, the school I was working in, got to the end of the 3 year ICTPD contract and got hit really hard by the reality of "what next?"

    At the time I remember feeling quite indignant and a little dispondant, that as the end of the contract loomed, my school was only just beginning to come on board. In year 3, all those things that we had been nurturing or more like pushing up hill, just began to find a bit of momentum.

    So how to hold fast to the ground that has been made in order to keep taking steps forward.

    1. If you have created an online shared space for your staff, give someone responsibility and some release time to continue to facilitate it. Without someone breathing behind it, it will most probably die.
    2. Build the use of e-learning explicitly into your strategic planning. For example, if you are developing your curriculum, capture photos and video clips of learners learning and teachers teaching. Often we assume we are talking about the same thing when we use teacher speak, especially around assessment. But when you share clips, just with another colleague, there can be some great revelations.
    3. At the end of contract, share with your local community what you have doing and ask them their vision for next steps and how they would like to be involved.
    4. If you were the lead teacher or cluster facilitator, keep those relationships going with inspiring others. Use the VLN and other communities to keep yourself connected.


    Image credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by mikebaird

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