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Choosing a suitable MLE

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Started by Monika Kern 25 Mar 2012 12:31pm () Replies (29)

Hi there, I'm fairly new to VLN but trying hard to get up to speed :)

I work at a Decile 1 Intermediate in the Far North. I would like to run my computing class web based, and advice in a different group was to look at moodle or similar. The MoE website lists three providers for MLEs, KnowledgeNET, Ultranet and Moodle. We have also received information from a 'new to NZ' firm offering EduSpot.

How do we choose the most suitable MLE??? Money is an issue (goes without saying). Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!!!!


By the way, EduSpot run a webinar on Wednesday 28 March 12:00

Link: https://promo-manager.server-secure.com/ch/7360/r9nb4m/484293/3a1199zcm.html

Meeting Number: 620 618 844

Meeting Password: eduspot

Many thanks in advance, Monika


  • Gerard Macmanus (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2012 10:16pm ()

    Good evening Monika, this very much depends on if you are looking for a solution for the school, or a solution for your class.

    If it is for the school, start the conversations with your curriculum leaders, get representatives of each of the Learning Management System providers out and have them present to the staff, it needs to be a staff decision on which one they want to use.

    If it is for yourself and available inside school only, I would suggest finding a computer at school, it can be windows and instal XAMPP http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html on the windows computer or create and install a ubuntu server if your are familiar with linux, and download a copy of moodleinschools.org.nz http://www.moodleinschools.org.nz/sites/default/files/moodleinschools- this is the NZ Ministry funded moodle installation that schools can use. Get involved with the moodleinschools.org.nz community and connect with people in your area, they may be using it as well. There is even a Moodle Community on here as well. /pg/groups/123482/moodle/

    Start using it, its amazing how quick the students and teachers develop the blended learning between online and in class teaching.

  • Gerard Macmanus (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2012 10:22pm ()

    Also Monika have a chat to the Far North Custer leader, looking at the information available on the vln, your cluster leader is Diane Henederson /pg/profile/dianesh, they are looking after your school with the ministry ICTPD contract /pg/groups/37491/kaiorohoki-cluster/ they may be able to assist you with the information and funding to get what you are after.

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