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Choosing a suitable MLE

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Started by Monika Kern 25 Mar 2012 12:31pm () Replies (29)

Hi there, I'm fairly new to VLN but trying hard to get up to speed :)

I work at a Decile 1 Intermediate in the Far North. I would like to run my computing class web based, and advice in a different group was to look at moodle or similar. The MoE website lists three providers for MLEs, KnowledgeNET, Ultranet and Moodle. We have also received information from a 'new to NZ' firm offering EduSpot.

How do we choose the most suitable MLE??? Money is an issue (goes without saying). Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!!!!


By the way, EduSpot run a webinar on Wednesday 28 March 12:00

Link: https://promo-manager.server-secure.com/ch/7360/r9nb4m/484293/3a1199zcm.html

Meeting Number: 620 618 844

Meeting Password: eduspot

Many thanks in advance, Monika


  • heugumper (View all users posts) 15 Apr 2012 6:49pm ()

    Monica, a couple of leads you might follow:

    • Flick through some older presentations: While at the Ministry I was involved in an area of work we called MLE. Together with Ian Munro (still there and good value to call (04 463 7629) we presented on this domain often and you can see the first presentation on slide share (click on the more options to see later presentations).
    • Consider how you can use MyPortfolio.school.nz as a component in your MLE, as it is fee-free to us, has free taster sessions, is widely used (many schools and users) and a good place to explore use by both studewnts and staff. Accoutns can also remain with the user when they change school.


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