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Tools to manage my life online

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Started by Tessa Gray 20 Mar 2012 5:36pm () Replies (12)

Is it just me or does anyone else find life is getting harder to manage online?


Emails, Google docs, Twitter feeds, notifications, RSS and blog feeds....it goes on. It doesn’t help when you find 100+ ways to organize your life online. Apart from using the VLN as professional learning network, I really like Netvibes and have used this as a personal portal for RSS feeds as well as a public space.

imageAnyone got a great tip/trick/tool for organising their life online? HELP!


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  • Tim Kong (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2012 8:03pm ()

    I think the simpler and cleaner that you can keep your life - the better you'll be.

    So for starters don't go to Mashable sites that list 100+ ways to organise. :) You just end up with 100 things to try - and fill your life with options. Options cause stress. You want space. Organising requires focus and discipline. It means ditching what doesn't work for you. And doing what does work for you.

    I don't Evernote, Netvibe, Delicious, Omnifocus or any of the others. I just use google search to find what i need, when I want.

    Twitter is handy for tracking what's going on, and has huge power. It's also a huge time suck. So just stop following folk, or don't turn it on when you don't need it.

    I write lists and things down using Notational Velocity. http://notational.net/

    It's fast, simple UI, works well with dropbox - it is my mind dump. I drop urls, links and such there. I don't bother with heirarchy, I just enter a sensible title to a file, then search for it when I need it.

    I use KeepassX to manage my online passwords/logins:   http://keepass.info/

    It's also about making the analog/physical world work with your digital world.

    Read GTD - but don't make it a religion:   http://zenhabits.net/beginners-guide-to-gtd/

    I use some of the strategies - manila folders organised alphabetically, 1x in tray, 1x read and review tray - and regular clearouts/processing of those trays.

    I do simple things like clearing my desk at the end of EVERY day, leaving only 1 cup of pencils, a pile of clean A4 paper, and a coaster for my coffee mug - so that EVERY day starts fresh on a physical level. Those little habits help keep me on an even keel. And able to handle the myriad of demands of being in a classroom.

    Be ruthless. Pick the tool that does the task for the job. And get rid of everything else.

    Seriously. Get. Rid. Of. Everything. Else.

    You can always just google and download it again next week. :)

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