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Tools to manage my life online

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Started by Tessa Gray 20 Mar 2012 5:36pm () Replies (12)

Is it just me or does anyone else find life is getting harder to manage online?


Emails, Google docs, Twitter feeds, notifications, RSS and blog feeds....it goes on. It doesn’t help when you find 100+ ways to organize your life online. Apart from using the VLN as professional learning network, I really like Netvibes and have used this as a personal portal for RSS feeds as well as a public space.

imageAnyone got a great tip/trick/tool for organising their life online? HELP!


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  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2012 8:31pm ()

    It is so true that the tools to manage stuff can become just more things to manage! I use Diigo for collaborative bookmarking but to be honest I seldom look back at the bookmarks I have amassed because I just search for things again later :)  Still, I do think that the Delicious stacks look to be a very interesting option for collaboratively developing resources. The visual way it displays the bookmarks makes it attractive and easy to find your content at a glance.  I'm also still a wiki fan for aggregating and organising resources in a way that makes meaning out of them.

    I find some of the simple things in life really make a difference to dealing with information such as using Ctrl (Command) F to find a specific term or phrase on a website or using the options on the left after doing a Google search to narrow the timeframe or find a specific type of resource.

    As far as using Google Docs is concerned, the most useful thing for finding your way around these is to master the drop down of options for filtering the search results (click on the arrow at the end of the search window). Here you can specify a whole range of things to narrow your search results such as the type of document or whether or not you own the document (particularly useful!)


    I have gone through phases of trying tools like Evernote but they have never stuck for me. I do know that other people have found them really useful. I do use Twitter as a giant resource of links and ideas if I need information on a current topic. Searching Twitter normally throws up a host of useful bits and pieces. I also use some sites religiously to find digital content that I can use in presentations or my school work and Flickr would be the king of all of these. Many people have tagged Flickr resources as being available for use through a Creative Commons license and I tend to find better quality pictures faster this way.

    While this isn't an online tip, it also pays to really understand how to use your own computer's search capabilities to help you find things faster that you have supposedly saved in a sensible place. I learned a lot of power features for searching a mac computer through reading online blog posts and forum tips.

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