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Tools to manage my life online

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Started by Tessa Gray 20 Mar 2012 5:36pm () Replies (12)

Is it just me or does anyone else find life is getting harder to manage online?


Emails, Google docs, Twitter feeds, notifications, RSS and blog feeds....it goes on. It doesn’t help when you find 100+ ways to organize your life online. Apart from using the VLN as professional learning network, I really like Netvibes and have used this as a personal portal for RSS feeds as well as a public space.

imageAnyone got a great tip/trick/tool for organising their life online? HELP!


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  • Tania (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2012 10:25pm ()

    What a great conversation to read through - I can totally hear all of youSmile!  I tend to bookmark, bookmark, bookmark as a quick way of saving something but VERY RARELY go back to any bookmarks (even though my system is very sorted!) as I am always finding NEW and more exciting information...  I think for me it is a 'as I need it' type situation - I find if I stockpile info and think I will try that out when I have time that it never happens!  Loving the acronym Moana - perhaps it could be MOOL - must organise online life!  I also agree with Matt - iGoogle is a great place to start.  AND def like Tim, use google search 99% of the time - And yes love the concept of download it again next week!  I haven't got any answers but great to read everyone's thoughts.  

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