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Big picture attributes of (Digital Citizenship)...

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Started by Isaac Day 03 May 2011 11:41am () Replies (11)

What do you believe are the big picture attributes for digital citizens (or as per our previous discussion - just 'citizenship')

Also... how does this relate to the NZC and the principles and values in this document?


  • Fiona Paurini (View all users posts) 27 May 2011 9:34pm ()

    Well Emma has got me signed up onto the VLN and I have been having a great time reading everyones comments, some very in-depth thinking going on at times ... by comparison I'm just starting in the paddling pool with my thoughts/comments on this. Smile So this is my 'Little Pic' comment on what I've read so far, and what I've experienced with the children.

    Today I  trialled Emma's idea of pulling apart our Senior School e-Learning agreement against Andrew Churches concepts of; respecting yourself and others, protecting yourself and others, and respecting and protecting intellectual property with a year 5/6 class. In their collaborative groups the children decided where they thought our 14 'rules' on the agreement would go.  A few seemed quite obvious, but some were less clear and they found that they might fall under protect AND respect, there was no 1 right answer.  It created some interesting discussions with the children justifying why they put things where they did.

    What become clear was that the children had signed this agreement the year before and hadn't really revisited it since!

    I like the idea of a updating to a simpler agreement more aligned to the key competencies and school values, so it can be reinforced in all areas of learning,  how to be a good citizen in the 'real' world and the cyber world... I don't think those values should change just because you are on-line.

    I asked the children in this year 5/6 class how many of them had a Facebook account.  Over half the class put up their hands!!!  So much for the 13 year old age limit!!  One of them was quite chuffed they were 'born' in the 60's!  Some had their parents as friends so they could see what was going on, yet there were a couple of children who were shaking there heads saying 'no way' were their parents a friend.

    It was interesting that the child who was born in the '60s' hadn't thought that there might be other people out there faking their identity who may be undesirable.  They thought that Facebook would take care of those people.  Unfortunately we ran out of time, needless to say we will be continuing this discussion early next week.  




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