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Appropriate digital health and wellness

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Started by Tessa Gray 13 Mar 2012 10:49am () Replies (2)

I watched the TV One news last night and this morning with great interest on how, Kiwi kids are spending too much time playing games on a screen and not enough time on unstructured play. Also, they are 30% less active in the weekend.


The detrimental effects include weight problems, failing to develop imaginations and the ability to cope with change. Watch Kids 'spending too much time on computers' (1:48) TVNZ 6:54PM Mon March 12, 2012


Can students be physically affected by technology?

Are students aware of this danger?

Do you have any top tips for teachers/parents about safe, appropriate use of screen technologies/computers?


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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2013 4:44pm ()

    Here's an article in Stuff.co.nz (7/8/013) where a chiropractor is seeing more and more cases of children (as young as 10), having spinal deformities caused by prolonged use of handheld devices.

    Continued stooping or leaning over screen devices can alter the natural curve of the neck, which can then interfere with the 17 trillion messages that get passed through the spinal column, ultimately affecting co-ordination and other brain function.

    Something to be said for all things in moderation? 

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