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Process for new embed types to be added to the allowed list?

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Started by Marielle Lange 19 Apr 2011 1:29pm () Replies (13)

If, as users, we want to make a request for new embeds types to be allowed, what is the process to follow? If as vendors, we want to make it possible for users to (freely) embed our resources and interactives, are there any guidelines that we can follow?


  • Glen (View all users posts) 19 Apr 2011 1:42pm ()

    Just post a link here to the site you are wanting to embed from and we will have a look at it and add it to the list if appropriate.

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 19 Apr 2011 3:13pm ()


  • Hayden Shaw (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2011 3:45pm ()

    Slideshare is supported, however i see they have updated their embed codes - i will fix this in the next update this week :).

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 19 Apr 2011 3:17pm ()

    Any embed (flash or javascript) from my website?

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 19 Apr 2011 3:36pm ()

    Widgeds? A project that I started not long ago and that I will be working on over the next year. It let you add all types of interactives on your webpage while letting you focus exclusively on the content (not on the technology).

    It relies on jquery. You already use jquery and jquery-ui in this VLN - that's a javascript framework that let you rapidly create re-usable, great looking widgets. Examples - 50 Awesome New jQuery Plugins and 24 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins Worth Checking Out 






    I use it for more education oriented content. Live examples there is an online editor that user can use to package their activity into any form. For now, I have wikispaces embeds and zip export to play over dropbox (for mobile content). But other forms of embeds are possible. Hence the question about guidelines. 

    Easiest is a script embed and if not possible, then iFrame, but I can adapt. 


  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2011 3:36pm ()

    Any chance to have more information what is likely to be accepted or not? I provided various examples. All requests were genuine but I don't expect all to be taken into consideration. Some general guideline about the intents of the development team would help to decide whether or not to use the VLN to post e-learning content. 

  • Glen (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2011 3:53pm ()

    You will need to provide us with some sort of standard embed tag or iframe tag for any of your own content that you wanted to have included, ie. you need to give us the equivalent of a youtube embed code, or slideshare, etc. that will have the same format and parameters every time it is used - if you are able to do this we can see if it can be added to the allowed list.

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2011 4:41pm ()

    A clear and unambiguous signature (something you can identify with a simple enough regular expression). It can be done. Thanks. 

  • Simon Evans (View all users posts) 27 Apr 2011 4:22pm ()

    You guys playing around with the Software for Learning blog? I'm getting excited about comments and then all it says is 'test' - A little more imagination and you'd brighten my whole day.

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2011 11:01pm ()

    Glen, Would this type of embed be any possible? 

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://jsdo.it/blogparts/nPHd/js?view=design"></script><p class="ttlBpJsdoit" style="width: 465px; margin: 0; text-align: right; font-size: 11px;"><a href="http://jsdo.it/widged/timedReading" title="Timed Reading Activity">Timed Reading Activity - jsdo.it - share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS</a></p>

    What the script does is embed an iFrame. If you check the url http://jsdo.it/blogparts/nPHd/js, you will it really is the same as this: 

    <iframe scrolling="no" src="http://jsdo.it/blogparts/nPHd?view=design" width="465" height="546" style="border:1px #CCC solid; width: 465px; margin: 0px;"></iframe>

    or for the interactive playing right away:

    <iframe scrolling="no" src="http://jsrun.it/widged/timedReading" width="465" height="546" style="border:1px #CCC solid; width: 465px; margin: 0px;"></iframe>

    You can check out what the difference between these two iframe links is at http://widgeds.wikispaces.com/widgedTest, where you can see how each renders. 

    The content comes from this page on jsdo.it. Click on the embed button on that page, at the left of the tweet one. Other example

    That could be the best approach.  The options for specifying content for any interactive are very limited on this VLN, due to the limited number of tags that are supported (event {div style=""} is automatically reduced to {div}). On jsdo.it, any user content can easily be forked and widgeds are written in such a way that all that non-technical users need to care about is the html part, which is clearly separated from the js or css on the jsdo.it editing interface. This would provide a simple solution to allow any vln user to start using some of the interactives. A few teachers have started using widgeds on wikispaces (example 1, example 2 - images, example 3, example 4) and the feedback so far is that it is something that they can manage successfully. 

    Widgeds are open source. I have no association with jsdo.it other than being a user of their free (and excellent) service.

    Let me know what you think. That really depends of your requirements with respect to trust vs control. With jsdo.it, persons other than me can easily contribute new widgeds to the community. 

  • Marielle Lange (View all users posts) 01 May 2011 12:50pm ()

    If you are not comfortable with opening it up too largely, you could start with  http://jsrun.it/widged/ (I am not sure whether it is possible for the "fork/play" link to include the user name).

  • Glen (View all users posts) 02 May 2011 10:42am ()

    Will get the development team to look at the options and get back to you.


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