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L3 Folio feedback

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Started by Matt Jarry 12 Mar 2012 3:54pm () Replies (17)

Hi all,

Firstly, thanks Sam for setting this up as I reckon it's nice to have subject-specific pages to accompany Visarts. I would love to get some feedback on this folio from last year. The student got a solid 'E' for his 3.2 and was awarded an 'A' for this folio submission. My colleagues and I thought maybe a 'M' but were all a bit baffled with 'A'. 

What I'd love is some advice as to what I could have done to help this student work through the folio a bit more thoroughly I guess, or what areas should have I cautioned him on and potentially steer him away from? What criteria do other photography teachers think this folio fell over on? (drawing? systematic approach? fluency? ideas?). From what I can tell, Panel 2 may have been what let him down a bit.

Please follow this link to view folio.

Cheers, Matt Jarry


  • Sally Waanders (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 4:21pm ()

    Hi Matt and others,

    Firstly I can totally understand your disillusionment with L3 photography folios. My best folio was one that explored a much wider range of artist models and used them to develop a wider range of ideas on her board than the others did - it continued to move along across the three panels fairly quickly and tried to avoid 'hopping on the spot' where at all possible...

    From what I can see most A boards tend to be quite linear - and they seem to repeat the same idea but it different ways - that's what many of mine did that just got A and I think in some ways this may be the problem with this folio. Also, I think students do find it hard to regenerate a depth of ideas successfully - I know this is the hardest thing for my students - and providing options for that regeneration rather than just repetition...

    Unfortunately the examiner's reports are quite general and unless there is a comparative discussion about an E with say A and the reasons for this using specific folios with reference to the criteria - it is difficult to be sure of why the mark was generated.

    Best wishes,

    Sally Waanders

    Rosehill College

  • Beauman Morgan (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 4:37pm ()

    Hi Matt

    For me I see a lot of repitition in terms of angles tried in Board one and two. The repeating of subject matter is fine but I have found that the type of drawing investigation has to be quite different e.g. explore the birds nest and eggs with reference to Uta Barth and again with reference to the Starn Brothers perhaps. In analyzing the subject matter with the mind set of different established practice we allow the chance for synthesis of ideas e.g. what happens when we combine macro images of the birds eggs with blocked out coloured backgrounds or other wacky combinations. In trying out different approaches you can allow for selctive editing of things that didnt work. For me these decisions are what makes an E board - not everything has to be "perfect" but the decisions that show your students ability to experiment, edit and select the strongest option for development of board 3 is very important. 

  • meredith parkin (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 6:51pm ()

    hey there everyone. I too am baffled with level three - it seems to be so much the pick of the draw sometimes...that folio, Matt, looks so similar in development to one NZQA posted as an exemplar a couple? of years ago, which I seem to remember as being at least a merit.Not to criticise.

    I am just scraping through with level 3, and last year a couple of students didn't even pass at all (one photography, one painting, which was pretty gutting. It seems it's hard not to go down the abstract path...

    On a similar notebut differnet note: Not sure who's down south, but I am trying to organise a PD session for level three folios and scholarship from Jeanette Gilroy who is HOF at Horowhenua College in Levin. I did a section with her at teachers college, and she is really great, and is getting really good results for level three and scholarship. - I know there are lots of isolated southerners out there, so if you want to spend a PD session over on the east coast (Waimate/Oamaru) on level three and scholarship, let me know. she needs at least 10 for it to be viable, and it might have to be in the hols...but all to be decided depending on interest.

    hope it's okay to post stuff like that on here.

  • Matt Jarry (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 8:39pm ()

    Thanks all so far for the feedback on this folio. I think that there is some 'running-on-spot' for sure in panel 2. I think that maybe thereEwan's a bit too much generation and drawing on ideas but there just needed more depth and clarification of artist models.

    Just on the note by Meredith re: Janette's workshops, I went to one a couple of years ago and found it great PD. Very comprehensive, well organised, and there was some good practical work done too.Well-worth the time.

  • Grant Thompson (View all users posts) 14 Mar 2012 8:04pm ()

    Hi Matt

    Firstly 3.2 and the final folio submission are poles apart in the way they are assessed for a number of reasons.  Markers are reliant solely on the evidence in front of them, and they have hundreds of other folios to make comparisons with.  There is a large team of markers rather than a single teacher, the presentation takes on a different form, and the performance criteria are also different.  One or more of these reasons can make for differences in teachers' judgements.

    The folio was not that easy to see clearly, and I couldn't enlarge it.  Is there a way of enlarging it? Anyway to me I felt that the student's revisiting of panel one on the final panel, failed to meet the requirements for merit.  Was the student offering anything new here? Maybe if you look closely at the merit criteria you will find one that the student has failed to meet...hence an A.

    Finally, we have all had disappointments with results.  We can learn from these big time, as long as we can take the emotion out, and be objective.  Cheers.


  • rebecca cunningham (View all users posts) 19 Mar 2012 9:40am ()

    Is it possible to enlarge the image? It looks like a solid board but hard to see individual pics.

    Also, does this forum email you when a new post is added?


  • Sam Cunnane (View all users posts) 20 Mar 2012 7:03pm ()

    Clicking on the image should take you through to an enlarged page. And yes, you should get an email for any new comment that is made

  • Mike Drain (View all users posts) 19 Mar 2012 3:18pm ()

    I boosted my browser to 200% to get a better view of the boards. Detail still hard to see though.

    Working with this view, it seems to me that there are a couple of shortcomings:

    1. Birds lost in a rather confused background of tree branches/twigs (gets repeated on board 3.)  

    2. The eggs were well done but were not incorporated into board 3. To me, the best image is the large egg shot on board 2.


  • Pip Oranje (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2012 7:39pm ()

    You have to make more dramatic changes and movements on the last board. There needs to be about 3 significant jumps I think the last board with a general scan (and to be honest that is what they do as they don't have that much time to gaze at them) It looks very similar from top to bottom. Some pictures on boards 1 and 2 repeat the viewpoint. Lovely exposures and I like the depth of field used with the eggs. They really like work that enhances photographic qualities like shutter and D.O.F and I think this is lost on the last board as the images become flat. That is what I have found through analysing my A to E boards so I hope this helps.

  • Sam Cunnane (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2012 7:55pm ()

    Thanks for re-awakening this discussion Pip. Good point about the flatness at the end. The final panel has a sense that it has lost direction somewhat and been casting around for something else that can be done with birds and eggs.

    I think part of the challenge for this student is that they have been working with a limited range of options since the start of the folio (primarily line and texture), and this has made it hard for them to extend and regenerate their ideas? This is not to say that it couldn't be done, but a richer beginning in terms of visual possibilities might have given him more possibilites to explore later in the folio?

  • Matt Jarry (View all users posts) 10 Aug 2012 10:39am ()

    Hey, thanks all for the input and as Sam said, it's great to have this Group begin discussions again. I definitely see where this student fell over in terms of generation of ideas and development that could have been much more brave...there definitely is a bit of 'running-on-the-spot' in areas. Pip, it would be cool is see what your students are up to.

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