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Cluster wide digital citizenship model?

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Started by Danny Bedingfield 12 Mar 2012 11:43am () Replies (7)

We discussed at the lead teachers meeting developing a cluster wide digital citizenship model. What do you think this should include?


  • Marguerite Clubb (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 11:49am ()

    A meeting at a large venue (Darfield High School) (Advertised in the local rags)

    Contributions from parents, the wider community and teachers.

    Within the meeting small group sessions led by management and lead teachers, collecting parent voice,

    sharing group summaries with the whole. Using ICT as a tool to gather and share information.

  • Hororata (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 11:50am ()

    Cyber safety training of both teachers and students, Giving parents two choices - sign or don't sign (Too many choices makes problems)  

  • moragh (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 11:52am ()

    There should be an emphasis on personal responsibility and ownership of material that students are putting out there on the web with regards to their digital footprint and future employment aspirations. 

  • mark robb (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 11:52am ()

    Each student taking repsonsibilty for their own digital safety. It needs to be concise, achievable and easy to follow by both students and parents. A generic cluster model that can still cater for individual schools. Educatinig students about their digital footprint and theimplications it may have for them in the future.

  • Diane Mills (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 12:09pm ()

    I noticed that you were having an online discussion about Digital Citizenship and wanted to draw your attention to the E-Learning Planning Framework .

     There, Digital Citizenship links key competencies, values, digital literacy skills, and Cybersafety together, in other words how we behave and expect others to behave in a respectful way online.  The rubrics in the framework enable schools to identify where they are at, under the 4 headings of Emerging, Engaging, Extending and Empowering.  Where do you think your respective schools sit?


    Principal and teachers are aware that Digital Citizenship defines the Key Competencies and Values in a digital environment, as well as digital literacy skills and cybersafe practices. Individual teachers occasionally explore digital citizenship."


    Principal and teachers trial digital citizenship practices in teaching and learning and there is a growing awareness amongst students."


    All staff and students collaborate in learning activities that routinely and deliberately explore and foster digital citizenship practices in real-world contexts."


    All staff, students and the wider community model responsible behaviours as successful digital citizens, in real-world contexts."

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 12:19pm ()

    What sorts of things would you highlight with teachers?

    With students?

    With parents?

    I joined the discussion because we are having the same thoughts.

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