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ipod touch vs digital camera

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Started by che luke 07 Apr 2011 6:50pm () Replies (3)

An honest opinion please.  Your choice and a little EVIDENCE that supports your choice. Keep your answers as brief as possible. No fence sitters please.

This is important and will be used as evidence in the future buying plan.



  • Isaac Day (View all users posts) 08 Apr 2011 9:05am ()

    We currently have cameras which are now less than $100, but for a little more money you get a lot more functionality (bang for buck) and you don't have to fuss with betteries and re-chargers.  Assuming the money is there to purchase cameras/Ipods, I would get iPod touches and ensure they had good cases and lanyards and work with the kids to ensure that they were not dropped and smashed every few days (because the real downside is their fragility) Wink

    My opinion for what it is worth. Smile

  • Anna Fitchett (View all users posts) 12 Apr 2011 2:39pm ()

    iPod Touch - I love the options with the iPod.  It is better to get one tool that can do lots than many tools that can do one thing!  

    My choice anyway!

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