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Including e-Learners (students) in the VLN

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Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 04 Apr 2011 9:12pm () Replies (8)

I have set up a sub space for the e-Learners Team at Putauaki (under Putauaki Primary) and would like students to contribute to discussion, blogs, upload/embed info of relevance etc.

Three e-Learners signed on via google today, however have been advised to wait 24 hours until their membership has been accepted.

Please advise what is the best way to have them included on the VLN.  Do they need to set up individual profiles as well?

Your help here is most appreciated.


  • Glen (View all users posts) 04 Apr 2011 9:30pm ()

    Hi Jeanette

    Can you just clarify if it is a group where students are contributing to PD type discussions around elearning, or is it a group where the students are more traditional 'learners' taking part in lessons? There may be a couple of different options depending on what the focus is - hope this makes sense.


  • Glen (View all users posts) 05 Apr 2011 8:41am ()

    If students register on the VLN with an email address that ends with .school.nz then their accounts will be approved straight away - otherwise, although it says 24 hours, they will generally be approved the same day - unfortunately we have to have this approval step to stop spam users. 

  • Glen (View all users posts) 05 Apr 2011 8:55am ()

    They should set up individual profiles, but you obviously need to keep cyber safety in mind as far as what level of detail they have in their profiles, and who the profile info is visible to - you will see on the profile page that you can specify who is allowed to see each part of the profile.

  • Glen (View all users posts) 05 Apr 2011 9:11am ()

    The primary focus of the / site is as a community of practice for educators for professional development, resource and ideas sharing, etc. There are no strict 'rules' to say that this means only 'teachers' can join, as part of the learning journey of any community of educators might involve bringing some students into the process to also share and participate, try out new approaches, etc. It was not envisioned however that this site would become a large scale learning platform where any teacher could set up an online class/learning space for their students, it is primarily an online community/network for educators - not sure if that answers the question - get back to me if not. We are currently working on new wording for the site home page to clearly outline what the various options and functions are within the VLN.

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