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Community comments on blogs

Started by Emma Watts 31 Mar 2011 4:24pm () Replies (19)

How do we get our community more involved with our blogs?


  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 20 May 2011 1:10pm ()

    Neat post/comment Smile  It definitely pays to start thinking globally and encouraging outside interest in our blogs.  Its key that teachers help students to promote their blog, share students learning, we need to take that step to inviting people to contribute. 

    We have just started contributing to a Voicethread create by an American class who want to find out about how people live in other countries: The Global Class - shareing with Mrs. Frazer and her class

  • Isaac Day (View all users posts) 16 May 2011 6:49pm ()

    I bet you this one gets a few comments!!

    Mr Keys Message to Room 9



  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 11 May 2011 6:35pm ()

    Good point - perhaps sharing the blog and making a comment could be that task Wink

    Perhaps even co-create a blog post...Smile

  • Andrew (View all users posts) 11 May 2011 11:07am ()

    The idea of using the time before 9 and after 3 is a good one. I'm now wondering if I can use these times more effectively.  Currently I may randomly suggesting to children that they use ICT at those times and their parents become passive viewers. If they had a task.....

  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2011 9:02pm ()

    That's a neat idea too!  Student experts showing parents in the classroom before school.  :) 

  • Anna Fitchett (View all users posts) 14 Apr 2011 6:04pm ()

    That has me thinking now!  I've been getting our pod into the classroom so the kids can have access between 8.30 and 9.  I could try and combine this with a focus on getting parents on line.  Set up some kids to help them become followers, add posts etc.  Something to think about!

  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2011 9:42pm ()

    Definately - I think that we need to acknowledge that not all families have interent access at home.  One way we try to support families at Tahunanui School is opening the Library and the e-space after school 2 days a week.  Students and their families are welcome to issue books, use the internet and have a cup of tea!  I guess other options to promote are public libraries which have free interent access.  It can be hard to provide access onto of other things that happening but your post has got me thinking - should I open up my classroom & the computer before school from 8:30?  I often have parents in chatting at that time, why not put the blog onto the interent and invite parents & their children to look at it?  Could I send out invites to parents? Maybe I could have regular morning spot once a week or perhaps a couple of times a term?  Thanks Anna.

  • Anna Fitchett (View all users posts) 13 Apr 2011 8:07am ()

    Including in the reading programme at home and school is an excellent way to get them using it daily.  I am thinking about my kids that don't have access at home and how to balance this out with those that do.  Access before/during/after school on top of what is already happening?  Not sure yet.  First task is a survey of parents - who does have access?  

    6pm sounds like a good finish time!  Well done!

  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 12 Apr 2011 11:04pm ()

    I agree Anna.  If the students are engaged in the blog then it encourages parents too!  I think directing parents to the blog as a hub for home learning is also key.  So having links for good educational websites is key.  I promoted the blog with parents at this week's parent interviews - recommending it as reading homework, a way to keep in touch with families in other countries or parts of New Zealand, a place to find good websites for practising mathematics.  I've also added information pages for parents on the blog.  So far so good...3 parents are now following the blog and 2 made comments!  So tomorrow I will work into my classroom programme reading and responding to comments (reading and writing with a purpose and an audience!).  Note my parent interviews ended at 6pm tonight!

  • Anna Fitchett (View all users posts) 12 Apr 2011 2:37pm ()

    I believe the main tools for getting parents on the blog are the kids!  If they are interested and want to get on it at home the parents almost have to have a look.  We encourage our kids to comment from home and school and this will also get the parents involved.  As Dave mentioned we have websites linked from our blog that the kids use at school and home to get safely to different sites.  This has certainly been used at home.  The challenge is getting the parents interacting with the blog.  So now it is my turn to look at how I share the blog with the kids so they are motivated to get on there at home and start contributing! 

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