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App Sharing

Started by Allanah King 22 Mar 2011 7:43pm () Replies (286)

Maybe we can start off by all adding one app that we really like?


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 23 Jun 2012 10:14am ()

    I use the free "Google" search app... has a app link at the bottom that gives you access to other google services like, Calendar, Reader, Gmail etc - you can view and edit your docs.

    You can switch to desktop mode if you want to use the desktop view instead of the mobile one.

    The wordprocessing docs, are easy enough to create and edit, as well as excel files though I wouldn't use it to create spreadsheets from scratch.

    Haven't used it extensively, but it's been able to do what I wanted it to do - so ok for me at the moment.

    Google search


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 25 Jun 2012 4:41pm ()

    Innes, that looks pretty good and an improvement on the existing character edit method.

    I've found that, when editing words and trying to place the cursor where you want it, once the cursor is up, to roll the finger, which gives you a bit more control of the single character movement, instead of sliding the finger.... much like as if you were making a fingerprint down the cop shop ..(not that I've had that experience!!)Cool

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 03 Jul 2012 4:34pm ()

    Book Creator has just updated to include videos in your books.

    It can now embed - Text, photos, audio and now video.

    This is one of the most widely used apps on the ipad in our cluster, and the ability of adding videos has now made it, pretty much a must have app.  Not free unfortunately, but worth it!


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 11 Sep 2012 11:05am ()

    Create Google Docs on ipad

    Google have released the Google Drive app - that makes it easier to create and edit google docs on the ipad. Looks like it has only basic text editng tools - doesn't appear to have ability to add media, such as images. Though a much improved experience for working with Google Docs on the ipad!



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