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MLE's and BYOD

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Started by robin ohia 29 Feb 2012 4:01pm () Replies (6)

Hi all - I was wondering if people have any thoughts around the use of an MLE when considering implementing BYOD with 3G in a school/kura? Cheers Rob


  • Gerard Macmanus (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2012 10:22pm ()

    As the cost of 3G data is expensive, I don't think it is possible for most schools to even consider implementing this for a least a couple fo year until the telecommunications companies actually start to come on board.

    This has been brought up as ome of the ideas around the secondary futures work that was done a few years ago, when will schools no longer have to provide access to the internet... Though with the cost of infrastructure being helped be developed in schools by the ministry, the roll out of Ultra fast broadband and the rurual broadband initative to schools and the investment in wifi technologies i don't see any one really going for it in the next 5 years.

    Though it does bring up the question on providing access on field trips and the like.

  • Nick Ford (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2012 10:34am ()

    I agree with Gerard. Currently the cost is prohibitive and accordingly access is not equitable.

    In 2006/07 I conducted a research project with Selena Chan exploring the use of mobile technologies and Moodle MLE with tertiary students undertaking study in the work place. Our findings were that while this was an effective way for students using smartphones & tablets to submit evidence of achievement and access learning resources and activities (located on Moodle MLE) that the cost of data up and downloading was prohibitive.

    Our research report (S. Chan and N. Ford: "mLearning and the workplace learner: Integrating mlearning ePortfolios with Moodle") can be found at 


  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2012 10:39pm ()


    I have some info I can share with you that came from a workshop I did at Ulearn last year regarding BYOD.  The school had a set of iPods but supplemented with the students using the BYOD system they had set up.  Haven't checked for the cost side of it being mentioned but we were given some timely heads up points when implementing this style of MLE. 


  • robin ohia (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2012 10:44pm ()

    Hi all - thank you so much for the feedback/experiences! You certainly have provided useful information about decisions around BYOD and in particular the use or implementation of 3G devices.....so, i'm kinda thinking portable/mobile devices using WiFi internally and apps for recording (in part) externally or remote locations ie. the bush, with no 3G on the device, perhaps ipod touch or similar.

    thanks again

    Rob - PS still thinking....


  • Nick Ford (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2012 11:20pm ()

    Yes cost is not an issue when internal WiFi rather than the commercial 3G network is used but an implication worth thinking about in the context of internal wifi usage is impact upon bandwidth i.e. how this may effect the quality of access in a whole school context. An extreme example would be if all staff and student "BYODed" and accesed the network simultaneously. Would the infrastucture cope with the demand?

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