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How can we use the VLN / Enabling e-Learning for our own learning?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 23 Feb 2012 9:01pm () Replies (23)

I thought I'd start this thread is for anyone who is still interested in working out what this community space can do for their learning - for example, you might be working out how to tailor your emails, or whether to use a blog or a discussion forum for your questions.

If you are/have attended the free Enabling e-Learning workshop on how to use the VLN Groups (24 Feb), you may still have a few questions - and if you missed it, you can ask for help here instead.

So, ask away - or share how you have set up and are using the space. The only silly queston is the one not asked;-)

Cheers, Karen.


  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 08 May 2013 4:25pm ()

    Sounds like you are on your way to solving this yourself.  Edmodo and blogs are great solutions.  To support learners who don't want to wade through text, why not film yourself talking and or the activities and steps you want them to follow?  Students love the ability to "rewind" in their own time and go over things at their own pace.  You Tube, for example, has been used for all sorts of things like self teaching the guitar or building projects.

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 08 May 2013 4:37pm ()

    I think the VLN facilitators and Enabling ELearning folk like yourself do it just right now.

    I have time to comment when it's in my face - not when I think, "Oh, must visit the VLN" or Twitter.  So for the VLN, new discussions are in my face as the notifications come to my email.  I can choose to join in or delete; a great starting question works wonders to get me involved. I've set up student blogs like this at my school too, so that teachers, parents and I see when students post on our email so that our feedback can be timely.

    Smart phones and portable devices are the secret too.  My phone goes around with me so my learning is ubiquitous and continuous.

    It's about the experiences I've had already.  I know how wonderful my online PLN is.  I communicate, share, laugh and learn with them daily...and the beauty is that the answers are so instant.  When others get this immediate, powerful feedback, they join in too.  It's up to us as lifelong learners to leap in and feel the joy!

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