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How can we use the VLN / Enabling e-Learning for our own learning?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 23 Feb 2012 9:01pm () Replies (23)

I thought I'd start this thread is for anyone who is still interested in working out what this community space can do for their learning - for example, you might be working out how to tailor your emails, or whether to use a blog or a discussion forum for your questions.

If you are/have attended the free Enabling e-Learning workshop on how to use the VLN Groups (24 Feb), you may still have a few questions - and if you missed it, you can ask for help here instead.

So, ask away - or share how you have set up and are using the space. The only silly queston is the one not asked;-)

Cheers, Karen.


  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 08 May 2013 5:03pm ()

    I completely agree with Annemarie, this is how I try to use the VLN. Does this come with the progression through the stages on below diagramme??? At the risk of sunding arrogant, the terms in Stage 5 Balance resonate with me. There are quite a lot of things I don't know, and sometimes this feeling can be overwhelming, but I have gotten to a point where I know I can tap into the knowledge, skills experiences of others, esp. on the VLN.

    My question then is what do those that are starting out need? How do they get 'hooked in'? I believe that for our busy educators there needs to be a hook for them to connect with an online PLN - with the double emphasis on online and on PLN. As an example, why do people sign up to FB initially - maybe to see friends'/family's photographs? Once someone is hooked they will look beyond.

    The friendly welcomes and friend requests of the online team are brilliant hooks, also the suggestions to join certain groups, and again the welcome messages when joining a group. But then you are talking to the converted :-)

    What about the people who have signed up to VLN but are not participating (I mean not even lurking). Is there a way to approach them and ask them why this is not working for them as their PLN and why? 

    I hope I haven’t veered this topic off track too far ;-)

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