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Digital Citizenship

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Started by Isaac Day 10 Mar 2011 12:02pm () Replies (21)

So, what makes for a successful digital citizen?  Is it so different from just plain old 'citizenship'?  What are the differences? Are they one and the same... do the principles change? Add your thoughts to this post...


  • DaveP (View all users posts) 24 Mar 2011 8:04pm ()

    This seems to be a discussion about 'applied ethics'....so basically trying to apply a kind of moral 'norm' or agreed upon common code of conduct in order to fix/resolve some kind of practical problem.  I agree with the general opinion shared here that there are simple values tied up with respect and responsibility that should be applied to all our conduct no matter what format this is in.  Of course it gets tricky when we have to decide who is judging or measuring this and deciding if it is right or wrong.  I know people who think that almost anything voluntarily shared on the net shares an 'implied right to copy'.  Do people have a right to post controversial opinions?  Who decides if actions are controversial or hurtful, just or unjust?  Philosphers have been hitting this ball around for many years.  Dave.

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