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Digital Citizenship

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Started by Isaac Day 10 Mar 2011 12:02pm () Replies (21)

So, what makes for a successful digital citizen?  Is it so different from just plain old 'citizenship'?  What are the differences? Are they one and the same... do the principles change? Add your thoughts to this post...


  • Anna Fitchett (View all users posts) 15 Mar 2011 6:54pm ()

    A successful digital citizen follows the same rules a successful real world citizen follows within the online context.  Or at least they should!  Currently the online world is developing so quickly it is hard to keep up with it.  The etiquette however has not always kept up and the 'private' world of the internet has allowed people to feel free to do as they please.  This includes things they would not necessarily do or say in the real world.  We're in a position where we can teach our learners the skills to become successful digital citizens and they can pass these onto the other people in their lives therefore become the educators.  Of course there are different rules/etiquette in the real world depending on the context and this crosses into the online world however we can support our learners to make good choices in both settings. 

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