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What can the Museum do to improve its offering to YOU?

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Started by Nils Pokel 22 Feb 2012 9:28am () Replies (2)

A general bucket list for you to add and discuss ideas and suggestions what we as a Museum can and should do to make it a more meaningful and valuable resource for yourselves


  • Nils Pokel (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2012 9:18am ()

    Videoconferencing & Webinars


    A request that comes up frequently and has a pretty high priority in my bucket list is a series of webinars and life videoconferencing.


    The museum is currently investigating technologies that will allow us to extend our offering and we have started recording a few pilot Expert Sessions which we run in the Museum on a weekly basis. These are currently broadcasted via our YouTube Channel but are obviously of a static & one-directional quality, i.e. it's not a live broadcast and there is no live interaction with our audience.


    It is very important for me to understand how NZ schools are using or can see themselves using VC in the classroom as we are currently developing our IP and conceptualising user scenarios.

    One scenario we are looking at is live-streaming the mentioned Expert Sessions and to tie them up with a simple chat application such as TodaysMeet to allow viewers to ask questions which will be picked up in the Q&A that usually follows a session. While this is not yet true videoconferencing it can be seen as a stepping stone to gauge public interest & the level of participation. The talks would of course still be archived and accessible via our YouTube channel.


    As VC technology can be quite costly to set up we recognize that this might form a signifficant entry barrier for our audience. While the Museum does want have the technical backbone to hold full-fledged VC's - e.g. for the purpose of academic exchange and shared learning/studying experiences - another scenario we are investigating is a "hybrid solution" that allows remote users to log-in via Skype. Cisco Systems have a setup that allows doing this using a so-called "video bridge" (not going into details here). So the Museum would live-stream an event using a professional VC system that would show both the speaker and a screencast, while up to four additional users (e.g. classrooms) could connect and contribute to the live session. The talk would still be live-streamed online to reach a wider audience which is not connected with their own video feed (broadcast). I believe that this would make it much easier for schools to log into a live session and to participate.

    One thing that would need to be tweaked is the programming of our events. These are currently run Wednesdays at 11 AM and Saturdays at 2 PM and go on for approx. 45 minutes. Chances are that interactive sessions would extend this duration. Also the timing might not conincide with school timetables.

    Of course, once this intitiative gains some momentum, the Museum could set up dedicated sessions for a class that slot into a particular curriculum and timetable. We could even implement a system that allows requesting sessions or more info about a topic.


    What do you think about these plans? Are you already using VC of have plans to do so? If so, which systems are used? Do you find VC adds to the learning/teaching experience?

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