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Have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework?

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Started by Karen Spencer 15 Feb 2012 4:01pm () Replies (27)

You may have seen that the revised version of the e-Learning Planning Framework, with supporting examples, resources and possible way to use it, has been published on Enabling e-Learning on TKI, under Professional Learning.

Tessa and I also ran a workshop at the Learning@School conference last month, where we talked with many school leaders about the different ways they planned for the development and use of ICTs in their school. We looked at ways in which a principal or school leader might manage an audit or review, using the framework as a roadmap.

Several people at the session wanted to talk further about this, so here we are: are you using the framework? Have you got any suggestions for other schools about how it could be used as part of planning and review? 


  • Tracy Bowker (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2012 11:54am ()

    The e-Learning Planning Framework (ELPF) was used to underpin the work of the new MoE regional model of e-Learning PLD as part of a pilot project in 2011. School’s involved in the pilot project trialed the ELPF as a tool in multiple ways. The pilot also informed our understanding of how this tool could be used by schools irrespective of sector and context. One school chose to use the ELPF to support their revised strategic documentation, another decided to use it to gain a better understanding of the staff’s views of where the school was at in terms of e-Learning. Discussion with another school identified key goals for all five dimensions of the ELPF rather than just the usual discussions around infrastructure and resourcing.

    The ELPF is effective as a self-review tool, however the findings from the pilot clearly reflected that the facilitated discussion of the analysis and the identification of next steps as a result of using the phases of the ELPF was powerful and valuable. The facilitation team found value in supporting schools to use the ELPF to identify links to key school documentation, vision and areas of focus and inquiry.

    The opportunities for a school using the ELPF include, but are not limited to:

    • Identifying key dimensions for school focus
    • Identifying current reality not based on assumption
    • Identifying possibilities and raising awareness
    • Identifying next steps in a school’s e-Learning journey
    • Generating quality professional discussion around learning, and e-Learning in particular
    • Generating a shared understanding for a whole school approach
    • Providing a strong platform for strategic positioning and planning
    • Providing an informed direct focus to best meet the needs of raising student achievement
    • Gives a school confidence and a framework for moving forward

    One school commented “ (the ELPF) meant that the SLT could get the real picture rather than assumptions. It is a good guiding document so schools know where to go next rather than guessing - or leaving the harder parts out and only focusing on say resourcing for example....it provides a framework for support”


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