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Have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework?

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Started by Karen Spencer 15 Feb 2012 4:01pm () Replies (27)

You may have seen that the revised version of the e-Learning Planning Framework, with supporting examples, resources and possible way to use it, has been published on Enabling e-Learning on TKI, under Professional Learning.

Tessa and I also ran a workshop at the Learning@School conference last month, where we talked with many school leaders about the different ways they planned for the development and use of ICTs in their school. We looked at ways in which a principal or school leader might manage an audit or review, using the framework as a roadmap.

Several people at the session wanted to talk further about this, so here we are: are you using the framework? Have you got any suggestions for other schools about how it could be used as part of planning and review? 


  • Chrissie Butler (View all users posts) 06 Sep 2012 11:46pm ()

    Here's another example of using the e-Learning Planning Framework in a whole school self review context:

    This workshop/self review session was with 28 teachers at a staff meeting. Prior to the session a number of 1:1 or a small group F2F meeting had taken place to build relationships and a shared understanding of the e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF).

    Room set up

    6 table groups of 5.

    On 5 tables:

    • 2x A3 copies of one dimension of the eLPF on each table (each table had a different dimension).
    • 1x A4 copy of eLPF recording sheet highlighted for related dimension as an example of how to fill it in, as shown below.

    e-Learning Planning Framework activity


    • 5x A4 blank copies of the eLPF recording sheet
    • 5 brightly coloured felt tips in light colours
    On one table:
    • 30 copies of a Teacher Belief survey
    • 5 brightly coloured felt tips in light colours 


    Digital mihi and short intro supported with slides to Blended e-Learning, PLD, why us (the school), why now and the eLPF (20 minutes).


    Each teacher on the 5 eLPF tables, invited to mark a blank A4 eLPF recording sheet with a symbol of their own choosing to negate getting them mixed up over the hour. This ensured data remained anonymous but was identifiable to the teacher during the session.

    Each eLPF table group looked at the A3 dimension on their table. Discussed together, backing up with real examples where each teacher individually saw their "whole school" alligning with the eLPF. Marked responses on eLPF recording sheet, as in the example on the table. If teacher thought "pre-emerging" a more fitting phase, then marked in "emerging" but drew arrow to the left. Teachers also invited to write any clarifying comments on the sheets.

    Teacher Belief table. Read thro survey. Discuss the survey and complete individually.

    After 10 minutes, we rotated the resources around the room, but the teachers kept hold of their own recording sheets.

    Each rotation 5 groups worked on a dimension and one worked on the Teacher Belief Survey.


    Debrief and staff shared some general feedback and personal observations.

    Collating data

    Following the session, I collated the data. See a fictious example below.

    To collate the data:
    • Set up a Survey Monkey and uploaded each recording sheet and any accompanying comments. Included a pre-emerging column.
    • Uploaded the percentages collated by Survey Monkey into the eLPF databook
    • As the pre-emerging data was so significant, uploaded the data for each dimension into a separate chart in Keynote.
    • Added the NZCER pilot eLPF databook results to the Keynote and a couple of extra slides so the the info could easily be shared with BOT or staff.
    • Collated the text comments separately to share F2F.

    Docs I would use again:


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