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Have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework?

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Started by Karen Spencer 15 Feb 2012 4:01pm () Replies (27)

You may have seen that the revised version of the e-Learning Planning Framework, with supporting examples, resources and possible way to use it, has been published on Enabling e-Learning on TKI, under Professional Learning.

Tessa and I also ran a workshop at the Learning@School conference last month, where we talked with many school leaders about the different ways they planned for the development and use of ICTs in their school. We looked at ways in which a principal or school leader might manage an audit or review, using the framework as a roadmap.

Several people at the session wanted to talk further about this, so here we are: are you using the framework? Have you got any suggestions for other schools about how it could be used as part of planning and review? 


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 Mar 2012 3:35pm ()

    Today I was lucky enough to work in one of my local schools using the e-learning Planning Framework - to help map e-learning direction in that school. Having worked closely with the framework,  I really wanted to see first-hand how this could work. It did work and was convincing for a number of reasons. 


    What did we do...

    The principal, e-learning leader myself worked our way through the eLPF highlighting the current position and adding stickies for those areas that needed immediate attention. We chose a few goals to focus on - 1) who to share this with and 2) staff and student audits 3) ways to use the framework to support the school’s focus on numeracy.


    Conversation around the framework...

    • opened the way for honest open discussion about their current reality
    • enabled discussions to go in any direction, based on the natural flow of conversation
    • affirmed the good things already happening in the school
    • indicated when decisions were made, whether they were made based on 'gut instinct' or hard data (stocktake, audit)
    • highlighted the need for e-learning references in the school vision and strategic direction
    • clarified any purchasing or precurement decisions need to be pedagogically driven
    • enabled the annual focus (numeracy) to have an e-learning lens - as 'something we do' rather than an extra or add on


    Where to from here...

    The next steps will be to create a couple of action plan goals (few) from the within the dimensions and have the e-learning leaders address some practical steps using the Examples and resources and How might you use the e-Learning Planning Framework? support material. I look forward to watching this progress. Smile

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 Mar 2012 8:47pm ()

    Kia ora Moana, yes stickies are a great invention! There are a number of audits or surveys created to capture teacher/student knowledge, skills, confidence and ability when using ICTs - much like the one HERE>>>

    Some folk in the VLN groups space are already sharing ideas around data collection such as:


    Today's decision was to collect data from teachers about what e-learning tools, digital resources, websites, games they are familar with, the purpose for using these, as well as frequency - to support numeracy. This data could provide information of what goals to target in professional learning and for whom -  as part of evidence-based decision making.

    I'd love to find out what other teacher/student/community surveys people have used that could also support the e-Learning Planning Framework. Do you have one to share?

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 28 Aug 2012 11:28am ()

    Check out the latest Gazette article, First-time principal embraces Blended e-Learning which profiles the work Anne Sturgess (National Blended e-Learning facilitator) is doing with first time principal, Angelique Bidois in Matata Public School - as part of the e-Learning professional development for schools.

    The article also showcases the pivotal role the e-Learning Planning Framework has had - "...to scaffold their learning and development in e-learning."

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