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Maths - Alpha, Beta, Gamma

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Started by Gerard Macmanus 10 Jan 2012 3:28pm () Replies (1)

Currently pearson education offer an e-license for there mathematics books


There was a conversation we had with them in 2011 on putting these resources on Learning Management Systems, which in discussion with the rep was allowed.

Currently working on developing this as a better resource to go on to moodle, as long as the school has the appropriate license of course.

The course would be seperated into each section through the single topics format, i.e Number 1, Number 2, with the exercises and powerpoints - being transferred into shockwave files for easier accessiability.

Is this was people are after, not just having the textbook online, but worked examples for students to work through at home? Is there anything else people might think of that could be useful from these moodle courses?

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