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What do your students think about using technology for learning?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 12 Dec 2011 9:12pm () Replies (5)

Have you surveyed or talked to your students about the technology they use? How they feel about it, or how they would like to use it?

This report, from CDW-G (a Canadian tech company), explores possible disparities between teachers and students' views on the way technology might be used to support learning:

>>> CDWG 21st Century Classroom Report (PDF)

Does this ring true for you in your school?


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 30 Mar 2012 11:36am ()

    I've had a little play with making a draft student survey. It tries to reference the e-learning tools (type, frequency, use) as well as evidence of effective teaching and learning practices within lesson sequence/s. 


    Allanah King has also started modifying this. Please feel free to add, tweak, grow a useful survey of some kind. How else might a survey like this be useful?


    Other student surveys




  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 01 May 2012 12:39pm ()

    Here's a great video on Enabling e-Learning (TKI) about the values of being digital, from a student's point of view. St Hilda's Collegiate School shows us how seamless access to digital resources can enhance learning, between home and school.


  • Moana Timoko (View all users posts) 01 May 2012 2:40pm ()

    I love creating google doc forms to distribute and collate survey info

  • T M (View all users posts) 02 May 2012 2:20pm ()

    Interesting to read the perspectives of the 3 groups. I have really enjoyed creating learning environments using wikis - and the students who are familar with online skills do enjoy these activities and methods of delivery.

    We have found there are some differences in perception for adult learners - the student's skill and knowledge base varies hugely. Some have never used a computer (mature learners returning to education) while others are very advanced and techno savvy. Even though we think most people have a home computer - we have found this is not the case with many of our students or if there is a home computer it is shared among family members so time and access is limited.

    Some students have found the new technologies and methods overwhelming. It is essential for us to have alternatives - hand-outs and printed documents to retain their interest in course. A softly softly approach seems to be working better - when students know they it is not compulsory to use new technology they are more open to trying it, knowing they can fall back on more familiar formats.

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