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iPads in the Junior Classroom

Started by Jade Kylee Butler 06 Dec 2011 6:49pm () Replies (129)

Hi, I would love to know what others are doing with iPads in their classrooms!  I am in a year two class and we have been doing a range of things with them in our room! 

- I use them as part of my reading rotation and specify what apps I want the students to use. 

- I also use it as part of my maths rotation and again specify the apps I want the students to use. 

- I have also got apple t.v set up in my room and use this to airplay shared reading!  My students love reading along with the wonkey donkey! 

- I have also used mirroring and the whiteboard app in a maths group situation where students solve problems on their iPad and then turn the mirroring on as they share how they solved the problem with others!

- I have also worked with students to create their own comic lifes about atheletics day.

Would LOVE to hear what others are doing!


  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2012 10:07pm ()

    here is Story kit  and strip designer . Have you got Find Sums. Brilliant

  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 02 May 2015 3:01pm ()

    Hi Catherine

    I used it the other day with 5 and 6 year olds. They used it to retell their ANZAC Day learning. They were able to take the photos, make choices about choosing which photos  were best and why, edit photos, add text to a sequenced story, record audio etc as well as using the text / page backgrounds. The teacher followed it up the next day with a story about making fudge. Their next step would have been to save as a video and share on the class blog. The kids loved it and were able to use it independently in a very short time and were all helping each other and then teaching the next group. 

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