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iPads in the Junior Classroom

Started by Jade Kylee Butler 06 Dec 2011 6:49pm () Replies (129)

Hi, I would love to know what others are doing with iPads in their classrooms!  I am in a year two class and we have been doing a range of things with them in our room! 

- I use them as part of my reading rotation and specify what apps I want the students to use. 

- I also use it as part of my maths rotation and again specify the apps I want the students to use. 

- I have also got apple t.v set up in my room and use this to airplay shared reading!  My students love reading along with the wonkey donkey! 

- I have also used mirroring and the whiteboard app in a maths group situation where students solve problems on their iPad and then turn the mirroring on as they share how they solved the problem with others!

- I have also worked with students to create their own comic lifes about atheletics day.

Would LOVE to hear what others are doing!


  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2012 9:58pm ()

    Hi I have just been given 2 ipads to use in my junior 2/3 class and wonder if those of you that mentioned the literacy and numeracy games could you put the app down.  I have also tryed to find story kit and strip design but it doesn't come up?  any suggestions much appreciated


  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 25 Feb 2012 10:30pm ()

    Thanks for those all downloaded now I need to play.  I had clicked iPad and the story kit comes up under iphone so couldnt see.  Im still on the hunt.  Just downloading free apps at the mo until I see how the kids use, look after and engage, then will start paying for some.  The VLN is the best site for up to date and NZ info so awesome.  THANK you for such quick replies.  On the planning goes.

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2012 11:00pm ()

    I would like to blog about the introduction of 2 iPads into my classroom, be able to share with the board, staff and families but not go public yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also want to easily be able to add photos and videos from the iPad. 

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 29 Feb 2012 11:03pm ()

    And thanks for that I have a friend working for CORE this year and heascent me their link, have added most of them. Will keep checking it for new reviews. Trying to find reputable reviews of apps for NZ primary kids is quite hard apart from on here.

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2012 8:37pm ()

    Just letting you know Grimms fairytaapp interactive 3D pop up books are free today, there are 3 of them.  They look good, nice graphics andactivities to do along the way. Enjoy

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2012 10:06pm ()

    Awesome thank you Tania.  I have loaded up blogger will have a play but def be in touch if get stuck.  Ill let you know how I go thanks again

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2012 11:00pm ()

    The blogger app is not on the iPad though can only get the iPhone one which makesscreen not very clear, so would I blog from here or just use it to send photos and videos through?

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2012 2:15pm ()

    Thanks Tara Ill have a look.

    Also need some suggestions.  I have 2 boys that are very low in numeracy.  I would work with them and send them away to follow up with the same activity but these 2 cannot work independently, so was thinking they could take an ipad each anad do activities on this.

    Does anyone use some numeracy apps that dont jump up levels so quick.  these 2 are just recognises numbers and doing basic addition and a lot of apps go from 2+3 to 11 + 12 too quick.  Also I have an autistic boy that I supervise that always seems to delete an app each session.  NOW i synchronised my iphone last night and couldnt get the apps across and then found apps wouldnt work luckily most of them needed updating and this got them working.  So im a bit nervous about plugging ipads in to retrieve the lost apps.

    Any suggestions?


  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 09 Mar 2012 9:53pm ()

    Ok I've got a blogger app all up and running, can I post video and photos from the iPad straight to it? If so can someone tell me how? Thanks and thanks for advice about the apps all restrictions are now on lol

  • Josie Woon (View all users posts) 13 Mar 2012 8:46pm ()

    Ok still trying to sort which blog to use and driving me nuts, started blogger but then can't add videos by the press of a button, so looking at tumblr, looked at Wordpress but it justs looks ugly and want to have a look without signing up.  Also does anyone know how to delete an account with blog? Thanks.

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