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iPads in the Junior Classroom

Started by Jade Kylee Butler 06 Dec 2011 6:49pm () Replies (129)

Hi, I would love to know what others are doing with iPads in their classrooms!  I am in a year two class and we have been doing a range of things with them in our room! 

- I use them as part of my reading rotation and specify what apps I want the students to use. 

- I also use it as part of my maths rotation and again specify the apps I want the students to use. 

- I have also got apple t.v set up in my room and use this to airplay shared reading!  My students love reading along with the wonkey donkey! 

- I have also used mirroring and the whiteboard app in a maths group situation where students solve problems on their iPad and then turn the mirroring on as they share how they solved the problem with others!

- I have also worked with students to create their own comic lifes about atheletics day.

Would LOVE to hear what others are doing!


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 04 Apr 2013 9:24pm ()

    Hi Justine

    Am really keen to know what maths apps you are using in the classroom to support your learner.  Great that you have also starting using it for writing.  I know I find digital storytelling really useful for strengthening oral literacy  - the Sock Puppets app is proving great for great for this Smile

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 04 Apr 2013 9:11pm ()

    What apps does she particularly enjoy using for maths and writing.

    For beginning writers I found the predictive text on an iPad somewhat distracting. How do you cope with that?


  • justine (View all users posts) 04 Apr 2013 9:07pm ()

    i have a special needs child in my class and have started using the ipad as a carrort to get some of her maths done, its the one things she really struggles with also started using it for writing.  

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2013 2:07pm ()

    Kia ora tatou Smile what a rich range of dialogue and sharing. One of our greatest contributors has been Josie Woon, whose name has popped up regularly in this thread. As well as Josie's input into this community, your questions and responses have also helped to influence Josie's classroom practice - particularly with the use of Ipads to help diverse learner needs in her year one class.

    Ipad webinar invite

    If you want to know more about what Josie has done in the classroom; systems she has set up for use, apps she has downloaded and how these have improved specific learning outcomes for her students, then why not join us for tomorrow’s LIVE webinar? 

    We’d also love to have you share your stories too. ‘See you there’. Hei konei ra, nga mihi Tess

  • Jade Kylee Butler (View all users posts) 29 Oct 2012 11:21am ()

    Hi All

    I have started blogging about some of the things I am doing with iPads in the classroom!  I am a new blogger so please check out my blog and my newest snapshot of learning.  This is a honest reflection of some of the things I have done and some of the things I am doing in my room.  Please leave a comment!





  • Carolyn (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2012 8:54am ()


    I am a Year 2 teacher and I have recently purchased my own ipad and I am using it with my students (waiting for school to purchase some!). I am loving all the suggestions in this group, I have found most of them quite helpful.

     I am looking for an app that will help support my students in counting backwards from any number 1 - 100.  I have found a few that count forwards, but wonder if anyone has found a good one for counting backwards?


  • Michelle Kerr (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2012 9:28pm ()

    Have you had a look at this, the snapshot has some good ideas as will as tips for using in the classroom.  Found it really useful. /pages/view/500245/snapshot-ipads-in-a-junior-classroom

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2012 2:07pm ()

    In my class recently I used SketchTime nicely with an early activity from the Numeracy Booklet 


    and have look through our class blog for other iPad activities


    My iPad Google site has a few apps linked in groups across the curriculum that may interest you as well.


  • Cathy Middleton (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2012 12:56pm ()

    Thanks Catriona,  your attachment is wonderful.Cool

  • Tania (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2012 11:02am ()

    Awesome CatrionaCool  I have also shared within our early years community on ECEOnline.  There is also great discussion going on in our community with early childhood centres trialing iPads.

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