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iPads in the Junior Classroom

Started by Jade Kylee Butler 06 Dec 2011 6:49pm () Replies (129)

Hi, I would love to know what others are doing with iPads in their classrooms!  I am in a year two class and we have been doing a range of things with them in our room! 

- I use them as part of my reading rotation and specify what apps I want the students to use. 

- I also use it as part of my maths rotation and again specify the apps I want the students to use. 

- I have also got apple t.v set up in my room and use this to airplay shared reading!  My students love reading along with the wonkey donkey! 

- I have also used mirroring and the whiteboard app in a maths group situation where students solve problems on their iPad and then turn the mirroring on as they share how they solved the problem with others!

- I have also worked with students to create their own comic lifes about atheletics day.

Would LOVE to hear what others are doing!


  • Yvonne L (View all users posts) 16 Sep 2014 2:17pm ()

    I have discovered that when using the 'read to me' button you can stop it at the end of a sentence or paragraph and when ready rehit button and it carries on from where you stopped.  Good for those readers who want to listen and then have ago to read ... also will give them time to stop and record key words ..

    I agree,  this is such a great app ...



  • Yvonne L (View all users posts) 16 Sep 2014 2:11pm ()

    Hi Steve,  I was able to kcut and paste from Dargon in bookcreator.

    to do this you need to bring the key board up,  and then you will be able to select text and copy it and pop over to Bookcreator or I imagine any app and paste.

    I also pasted it into Spellbetter.  You can add pictures here just like in bookcreator.

    I am not sure about subject specific vocab, so can't help there.

    have fun ...

  • Steve Ayers (View all users posts) 16 Sep 2014 12:45pm ()

    I'm wondering how to transfer text from Dragon Dictation to another app so children can add pictures etc? Is this possible? And is there a dictation app that picks up subject-specific vocabulary like the word "Ninjago"?

  • joleneb (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2014 9:58am ()



    Are any of the teachers chatting in this thread in the Wellington Region?


  • Rachel Stevens (View all users posts) 11 Aug 2014 8:03pm ()

    I discovered the App TinyTap, and it is very useful in my classroom. You can create apps/games/lessons with good tools like reading, soundboards, puzzles, question/answer, flashcard and you can also insert a youtube video. You should check it out, if you use iPads in your classes. http://bit.ly/TinyTap_forums

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 03 Jul 2014 9:19pm ()

    I see there is a paid for version and a free version. The paid is $24! What do you have? Do you know what the difference is?

  • Charlotte Corfe (View all users posts) 03 Jul 2014 3:49pm ()

    News-o-matic is a hit with my Year 5 class, both with very able and lower readers.  I have created a task sheet where the students read a number of articles and then have to come back to the class and share what they read with the class.  Very easy and able to be self managed.  Headphones are a must when used in class.

  • Carolyn (View all users posts) 17 Jun 2014 7:53pm ()

    I have just started using a free app called shadow puppet with my junior class.  students add photos and then record themselves talking about them and it creates a movie that saves directly to the camera roll (one less step for uploading to blog than lots of other apps). It is simple to use, great for oral language and assessing what students know without the hang up of having to be able to write or type.  We love it!

  • Shanna (View all users posts) 08 May 2014 8:57pm ()

    Yes, I use the paid version. I think the two most important differences between the two, paid and unpaid, is that the paid version allows learners to 'lock' their Popplet and return to the work to continue working on their ideas and the paid version allows for more options to share their Popplet.

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 08 May 2014 2:50pm ()

    Well worth spedning the money on the paid version - I think popplet is one of my 5 top apps  - if you want more convincing you might like to check out my ideas for using popplet across the curriculum 

    Popplet used many ways


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