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What happens to a cluster webspace once the ICTPD contract ends?

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Started by Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy 06 Dec 2011 3:38pm () Replies (14)

Kia Ora Koutou.  I am the Facilitator for PeaK-ICT and our online resource space was set up before we joined the VLN.  Lately I have been thinking about sustainability post our contract (that ends this year) and...where to from here?  What really does happen to a cluster webspace once the ICTPD contract ends?  Should we be thinking about uploading the BEST of three years of work to the VLN?

Please share your thoughts.  Creative ideas most welcomeEmbarassed


  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy (View all users posts) 06 Dec 2011 8:07pm ()

    Tena koe Paula

    Thank you for your contribution.  I do like the idea of a shared space that one would hope be maintained on a regular basis by Leads or Principals.  Your cluster has at least one more year to 'work on making a process of that nature happen' and that's great.

    I also know the amount of time and energy that you, like many other Facilitators have spent uploading information to your cluster wiki.  It just seems a shame that cluster resource pages should post contract and without that central person become, for want of a better word 'stagnant'.

    Any other bright ideas out there VLN peeps????

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy (View all users posts) 07 Dec 2011 9:21am ()

    Morena all.  Some very thoughtful discussion going on night owlsEmbarassed 

    @Anniemarie - Like you, I too refer often to the wikis of clusters that have exited and you make a very valid point about linking back and often to these. 

    @Paula -  Starting an archive style 'Directory' within the VLN sounds promising.  I will certainly follow and learn from you there.

    @Allanah - Love the idea of capturing best blog posts of the year and have shared this link with my fellow e-buddies.

    @Anniemarie - An instant solutionEmbarassed 

    Looking back over my 31 Day Challenge completed via Edublogs in 2009 I am checking to see if some of the ideas around keeping a 'blog/wiki alive' may be of use here. More to come on that one... 

    On a personal note...like many 'others out there' I know that my digital footprint has become 'somewhat scattered' over the years and so thanks to the wiki created by Suzie and Rocky, I have set up a registered teacher weebly along the criteria lines that includes my own examples (work in progress still).  However I am now rethinking that perhaps I should be including the information as a personal resource here in the VLN.

    Back to our patai....What  happens to a cluster webspace once the ICTPD contract ends?  Any more ideas out there???

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