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Video conferencing and the NEN Trial schools

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 23 Nov 2011 10:34am () Replies (2)

Here is a link to a recent post regarding video conferencing and the NEN trial schools [via the NEN trial group in the VLN]: /pg/pages/view/201166/intro-to-kvcs-for-nen-trial-extension-schools

"KAREN Video Conferencing Service (KVCS)

NEN trial extension schools can now take advantage of the KVCS. This high definition video conferencing service makes collaborating with schools and other education and research organisations easier.

You don’t need expensive video conferencing (VC) equipment to start using the KVCS. Whether you are using a VC unit or a webcam on your desktop you should notice the difference in quality. Using the free desktop video conferencing application, you can video conference in high definition, share your presentation, record your event and stream your event live over the web....[Read more]


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