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How to manage ultra-fast broadband

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Started by Karen Spencer 18 Nov 2011 12:42pm () Replies (5)

In response to questions about how to manage the challenges of service provision for ultra-fast broadband, this response from the Ministry was posted in the MLE Reference Group:

"Because ultra-fast broadband over fibre is new, New Zealand providers need time to develop service offers for schools. This means services over the fibre may be available in different areas at different times depending on where the new fibre network has been built and products have been tested. As soon as fibre providers confirm a retailer can provide ultra-fast broadband services over their networks, they have agreed to notify the Ministry. We are intending  to publish a list of available retail providers online. So far providers have only indicated service availability in Whangarei, but we expect more widespread service availability by early next year.

We anticipate that  retailers will get in touch directly with schools when they have products available. In the meantime schools may wish to contact their current service provider and find out whether they plan to offer fibre-enabled services.

Regarding the cost of services over fibre, the information from the Ministry website [http://www.minedu.govt.nz/theMinistry/EducationInitiatives/UFBInSchools/Overview.aspx] is all the information we have available at the moment about what potential costs may be.

 The Ministry is currently developing guidelines to help schools make a considered decision on service provision. A school’s choice of service will depend on:

  • the level of their requirements
  • their ICT budget
  • what is available in their area and when

Schools can keep using their copper connection until a service becomes available that suits their needs and budget.  If schools want to ask questions about their specific situation,  please advise them to email me c/o  ufb.schools@minedu.govt.nz


Ann Bentley

School Connection Project Manager, Ministry of Education


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2011 1:19pm ()

    ...and here's the link to the on-going thread in the MLE Reference Group which includes some technical advice on service provision: http://groups.google.com/group/mle-referencegroup/browse_thread/thread/25d21553a8164555/7cd3515cf72bf92hl=en&q=MLE+Reference+Group&pli=1

  • Nick Rate (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2011 1:58pm ()

    The Crown Fibre Holdings Fact Sheet: Agreement with Chorus does provide indications of prices for schools, depending on type of fibre connection. Prices quoted are the wholesale rates per month excl. of GST.

    From page 28:

    UFB pricing is at the wholesale level. End-users should bear in mind that prices of retail UFB-based services will reflect non-wholesale costs, such as national backhaul, international bandwidth, provisioning, billing and so forth. The prices shown below are the price caps agreed between CFH and Chorus. Chorus may sell their services at prices below or equal to the price caps, not above.

    Screen capture below from pages 30/31:


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 03 Apr 2012 3:14pm ()

    There is now a list of Retail Service Providers (RSP) on Enabling e-Learning. This list is being continually updated as the Ministry provides information. Currently there are four providers listed, two national providers, one for Whangarei, and one for Christchurch. 

    There is also some useful information on Selecting a Retail Service Provider to help schools with the process.

    It is important to ensure you are not locked into a long term agreement with a Retail Service Provider. The Ministry recommend you negotiate a maximum of two years for RSP contracts to ensure you can take advantage of any offers the Ministry may secure for schools at a later date.  

  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 18 Apr 2012 2:09pm ()

    The Ministry of Education has created a searchable database showing individual schools when they are likely to get connected to fibre. 

    The Schools connection database, which is accessed from the Enabling e-Learning website, makes it easy for schools to find out when they will be connected to ultra-fast broadband.

    To operate:

    • enter you school name or MoE number into the field provided on the page 
    • press enter. 

    The search result gives you:

    • the name of your schools ultra-fast broadband provider 
    • the year you will be connected e.g. 1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012. 

    Beneath this information is a map of your area showing your school and other schools in your area.

    By clicking on the pins you can see when other schools near you are to be connected. This is useful if you want to collaborate with other schools to purchase services from a Retail Service Provider. Information on choosing a retail service provider and a list of current retail service providers are found on the Enabling e-Learning site.

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