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So, where to now?

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Started by Isaac Day 16 Nov 2011 9:09pm () Replies (6)

So then?  Where to with our cluster now?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Contribute if you want to be heard.


  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 17 Nov 2011 10:50pm ()
    • continue the cluster wide e-learning walkthroughs - these were invaluable
    • extend walkthroughs to other schools in the region
    • combine the Kids Can Film Festival, Curriculum Link Conference & Genius Cafe
    • develop 'Flick It On' - potentially a movie version of 'Rock Our World'
    • lead teachers to continue to meet once a term
    • develop collaborative projects with teachers and their classes from other schools where e-learning tools are used to share the learing and create e.g. via Google Apps, Voicethread, Skype etc.
    • develop a database/contact list of 'experts' in different e-tools or collaborative projects
    • create an online resource bank of ideas for using e-learning to share learing
  • Isaac Day (View all users posts) 18 Nov 2011 11:46am ()


    I do like the collaborative project approach!  My goals for the future of our cluster would be around:

    1. Creative collaboration between our principals, staff, students and community
    2. Building and using our own expertise
    3. Undertaking our own research
    4. Raising student achievement

    I have not included anything about curriculum and pedagogy, but I believe these goals could support ongoing development of these within schools own plans and strategies.

    Our PL themes could be linked around this by using the following diagram as a model (of sorts).


    We could still do much the same things we have done over the last three years, although we would need to consider using much less teacher release time!! Laughing

    We would also need a success plan or rubric to help us determine its worth and whether it is working... This would be brought out at our meetings as our self-review planner.  I would like to frame that up around these ideas...

    • What does our success look like?
    • What do we know works in achieving success?
    • How do we know we have made it?
    • What next?

    That way we continue to grow and work as a cluster for the benefit of the Stoke/Tahunanui communities.

    Just my thoughts. Laughing

  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2011 10:05am ()

    Isaac, I am particulary interested in the aspect of raising student achievement - which i think should also be linked to students finding their 'element' (think Ken Robinson: http://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4U), teaching creativity (see Creativity - Do we need to teach it?) and raising students (and teachers) understanding and use of the key competencies.

  • Emma Watts (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2011 10:00am ()

    Just had an idea!Laughing

    Walkthroughs - not just teachers visiting...how about students visiting?  Teachers could visit another school with their class and the students at the school they are visiting could teach their students!  A further string of the Genius Cafe.  It could be done via skype as well.

  • Isaac Day (View all users posts) 23 Nov 2011 10:26am ()

    Brilliant idea - but rather than 'walkthrough', you could use it to support their learning and reflection.  Let's tease thatone out a little more! Laughing

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