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school leadership teams

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Started by Graham Young 16 Nov 2011 5:07pm () Replies (3)

keen to get a bit of a discussion going on secondary school leadership teams......if you had a blank sheet of paper, what would be your considerations around designing a school leadership team for a secondary school that wants to focus on 21st century learning....(inquiry?)


  • Mike Wilson (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2011 7:50pm ()

    Hi Graham, excellent to see more discussion on this topic.

    I actually think the teachers in front of the students are equal in the new model but thats another story. In this respect I see a leader as more a schoolwide "team builder" and "grower of shared vision". Not typical education jargon.

    Schoolwide Leaders


    Risk takers,  future thinkers, confident in implementing inquiry at both the PL and classroom level, willing to use evidence to make big changes when things are not going to plan. Most importantly, the ability to model and drive growth in team relationships on staff. For a school like this to work open reflection is vital as well as positive professional relationships between teachers with the same common goals and direction.

    I look foward to seeing the discussion on this topic.



  • Mary Jamieson (View all users posts) 17 Nov 2011 7:07am ()

    Hi Graham

    I don't see teachers as more important but rather leaders, teachers and support staff as interdependent.  One cannot function fully without the support of the other.  Senior leaders are the ones who enable teachers to get on with teaching and learning programmes.  They must remove barriers to innovative practices, have reallly well-developed communication skills and most of all, have an agreed common purpose.  They must be able to gain the trust and respect of their colleagues by being seen to work for them while at the same time, challenging current practices.Kiss

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