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Sharing files from iPads - videos from Camera Roll

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Started by Carol Kendall 09 Nov 2011 9:42pm () Replies (16)

A student has taken a video on an iPad 2. It is over 100 MB in size. It is too big to email. I don't want to send this child's video to YouTube. And I don't want to have to plug it into the Master account macbook to sync it (it is elsewhere in the school). Is there any other way to easily get it to a classroom teacher's macbook (not the master macbook), or a classroom macbook? I'd quite like to get the video from the iPad, into the Box.net account that is available. But I'm assuming I'm going to be limited to the option of connecting to the master computer.




  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2011 3:53pm ()

    Within Web DAV Nav (free app), you are able to upload files from the Camera Roll, and download lots of different file types that can be opened up in other apps (such as ePub files in iBooks).

  • Lenva Shearing (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2011 1:09pm ()

    Agree, I love that app.  Also use Goodreader.  It's awesome.

  • Steven Wills (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2011 10:47am ()

    Just put it on myself - absolutely brilliant.

  • Steven Wills (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2011 10:47am ()

    Just put it on myself - absolutely brilliant.

  • Iain Cook-Bonney (View all users posts) 13 Nov 2011 6:50pm ()

    Hi guys,

    I use an app called 'Files Connect' on my iPad, it lets me connect to any school server or network computer and lets me copy files to and from my iPad. It also turns the iPad into a wifi drive as well.

    I can acces anything in the camera roll, music folder or in the dropbox the app creates. I can also access google docs, Facebook etc as well.

    The app costs about 6.50 but it was well worth it in my case.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 12 Nov 2011 11:39pm ()

    I don't see webDAV as an option for sharing from the iPad when I've videoed on the iPad itself, and it's not an option within the Photo app. WebDAV does show up within other apps though. I'm hoping to avoid having to connect iPads to a laptop by cable, especially when they are not the master computer.

    I like the sound of Annette's ability to have the iPad mount as an attached hard drive on another computer and show the files in a folder - don't see that on my Mac. But still, it means connecting the iPad via usb. Looks to be a quick and simple option though.

    I need to upgrade my version of iPhoto so I can use Photostream, but I don't think videos sync via that? Just photos? Not sure...


  • Lenva Shearing (View all users posts) 12 Nov 2011 11:18pm ()

    It is very easy to get movies off the ipad.  I also use webDAV set up to our server, but if you dont have that, the movies can easily be found in iphoto.

  • Annette Ward (View all users posts) 12 Nov 2011 10:45pm ()

    When I connect an ipad to my PC laptop I can see the ipad as a drive connected to my computer. A folder called DCIM (same as with a camera) is available. I am able to find videos in a .mov format that I can copy, rename and paste wherever I want.

    I am interested in being able to transfer other types of files from the ipad to our e-portfolios. Ideally we would like to save students' work in a format that families can view no matter what platform they use.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 10 Nov 2011 10:36pm ()

    Yes, I was looking for the WebDAV capability within the Photos app (via a Box.net account), but unfortunately it wasn't there. The Transfer app did the trick, thank goodness!

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 10 Nov 2011 10:11am ()

    To transfer files wirelessly I always use WebDAV when I can.  It's fast, wireless and easyonce you have it setup.

    I have just made a new blog post about transferring Book Creator eBooks to the school server through WebDAV so they can be shared to other iPads.  We do this with an iPad app called WebDAV Nav (free) and because we still haven't gotten WebDAV setup exactly how we want it on our school server, we are using the Mac store app 'Media Master Server' (free) tsecrete the WebDAV.

    Works a treat!  Here's the link --> 


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