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What should be in your e-learning kete? | November Challenge

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Started by Karen Spencer 31 Oct 2011 2:04pm () Replies (22)


During November, we have two online challenges running in the Enabling e-Learning Leadership and Teaching groups.

Here in our Teaching community, we have our eye on 2012 - what kinds of skills/knowledge/attitudes do teachers – and students – need if we are going to use technology effectively? The challenge is to build a shared resource that provides a starting point for discussion in schools.

Over the next four weeks we’ll consider some of the issues and add an idea a day to a resource (of your choosing) to inform your professional learning next year. Everyone is welcome to drop in at any point. Be a stellar group member and invite a colleague to join us.

Your host is Karen Melhuish.


  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2011 1:41pm ()

    Week 1 and we're off!

    Welcome to the challenge.  I'm very much looking forward to working with you all.

    During Week 1, I'd like to invite you to:

    • Introduce yourself in this thread below: Who are you, where are you working - and your favourite type of technology that you use for yourself or with your students.


  • Diane Henderson (View all users posts) 04 Nov 2011 8:30pm ()

    Kia ora, I am Diane Henderson, Facilitator of the Kai-oro-hoki Cluster, 12 schools in the Far North.  I am loving using Skype and Google Apps.  We have students using i-chat to collaborate with each other and their teacher, sharing stories on Google Docs, instant teacher feedback, using Google Forms to assess and evaluate learning.

  • Karen Mills (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2011 7:50pm ()

    Karen Mills - Facilitator of iTeam Tauranga Cluster (Tauranga Primary, Tauranga Intermediate and Greenpark School). I have been a Mac user since I was 18 (OMG, thats over 20 years). I bought an iPhone 3G two and a half years ago and couldn't live without it. I have a special interest in ePortfolios.

  • Shaun Wood (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2011 8:10pm ()

    Shaun Wood - e-learning leader at Bailey Road School in Mt Wellington, Auckland. Using Google Apps personally and with my students, the collaboration and sharing features are just part of what makes it an exciting learning platform.

  • Paula Jamieson (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2011 8:17pm ()

    Here we go......that's me to your left.

    I'm currently an E-Learning Advisor for two vibrant Rotorua clusters (Rotorua Central ICT and Rotorua Town & Country) which consist of 12 Primary Schools. I am passionate about the use of mobile devices (particularly iPads) in schools. I, like Karen consider myself "Mac to the Core" although the majority of schools I am now working with are PC users so my thinking has changed somewhat......often our tools and devices "become a window to the internet" so the platform is irrelevant. I'm looking forward to making more of an effort and 'contributing' within this platform as I  have been a bit of  'lurker' to date!

  • dave beehre (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 12:18pm ()

    Dave Beehre - Teacher of 32 Yr 8 students at Somerville Intermediate School in Auckland.  This year I have a 1:3 computer ratio with a number of students who bring in their own devices.  Passionate about all things elearning with a particular interest in the blending of physical and online learning environments and the impact these have on student achievement.  Smile

  • Catherine Hill (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 3:51pm ()

    Hi. I'm Catherine Hill and I teach English and French at Wellington High School. This year I am teaching two year 9 netbook classes and am really enjoying thinking of new ways to make the most of the technology. I have used Mahara as an eportfolio platform and found it hard to use. This year I am using google docs and sites and Moodle and am starting to work out how to organise myself and help the students organise themselves online.

  • Jo Fothergill (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 6:45pm ()

    Kia ora - I'm Jo Fothergill and I currently teach Year 5 students at Raumati Beach School on the Kapiti Coast. Next year I'm involved in two adventures - collaborative classroom teaching with Anne Kenneally in Mosgiel, and setting up a learning hub of 3 classes with two colleagues at school where we will team teach a group of year 2-6 students. I'm loving working with google docs - and my kids are too. 

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 6:56pm ()

    Hi, I am Anne Kenneally, Deputy Principal at St Mary's in Mosgiel, currently enjoying a study year thanks to TeachNZ! I have just graduated with a Master of Educational Leadership and am studying elearning papers out of Tasmania... Alongside this I have been on the road with "Twitter Tour 2011" travelling around NZ soaking up "MAGIC" of meeting the most amazing teachers, learners and innovators.  I am working my way towards a collaborative classroom environment for 2012.  I am passionate about learners creating their own learning space and am eagerly anticipating a learning space revolution in 2012.  I am also trailling a BYOD environment.  My all time favourite collaborative zones are wikis and google docs.

  • Claire (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 7:29pm ()

    Hi All! I'm Claire from St Clair School (reallyLaughing) in Dunedin. My focus this year has been on developing learning spaces and unpacking the Key Competency "Managing Myself" with my Year 5 and 6 class. The latter has proven an excellent way to develop resilience and risk taking with regards to learning when it gets hard (James Nottingham's Learning Pit reference).

    I'm with Shaun re Google Docs. We have been using them with the staff for 2-3 years and after listening to Shaun at U-Learn, I immediately set up a team page on google site for the teachers called "The Hub". this inludes links to all our timetables, agendas and blogs on a google site. The highlight though as we begin term 4 with Inquiry "Passion Projects" is that my class are accessing google accounts and setting up their research in the cloud without any prompting from me! We are currently setting up google accounts for the whole school for 2012.

    My other project is I-Pads. I have been researching and reading up on others' experiences (thankyou VLN and Twitter) and our first pod have arrived this week. Their arrival at our school has given us the chance to address pedagogy and E-Learning with the staff. I have been enjoying the many apps that can be used with them but my attention has been drawn to the apps that allow teachers an easy way  to upload examples of children's learning for OTJ's. My favourite so far have to be Evernote and ShowMe.

    Looking forward to hearing thoughts and ideas from you all!

  • Pip McKenzie (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 8:55pm ()

    Hi Im Pip Mckenzie and I teach Level 3 Photography on the VLN. I couldn't do this kind of course without my laptop (apple which is great for art teachers and students alike- we use photoshop & indesign).  Students use the DunedinNet moodle, they have a blog and upload their photographs and more recently finished folio panels which is a great way to check layout.  But the most useful piece of technology we use is our good ole cell phones. txt communication is constant.  Without it working with them would be very difficult.

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