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Configuring / Setting up large numbers of iPads?

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Started by Carol Kendall 30 Oct 2011 5:16pm () Replies (7)

In the holidays I set up 10 iPads. It took a long time to configure each of the settings in the various areas on each of the iPads, set up internet/wireless, email accounts, webDAV, iCloud, and the apps that had their own settings, etc etc etc. On Friday someone at YooBee alerted me to the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3 for Mac OS X, saying that I might find this useful in setting up large numbers of iPads.

Has anyone here used this? Or what do you use to make this job easier with all the settings that need to be configured?




  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 30 Oct 2011 7:57pm ()

    Brilliant, thanks Matt.


    In that case, I'll persevere and see if I can figure out the iPhone Configuration Utility - certainly learning on the job!

    Are there still things that need to be set up individually on the devices, even with these tools? Or do they do everything?


  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 30 Oct 2011 9:08pm ()

    What about settings within apps such as Pages - to configure the WebDav settings. Or the login accounts to something like iTunes or iCloud within these apps, if you wanted that?


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