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Started by Pascale Hyboud-Peron 26 Oct 2011 7:51am () Replies (3)


After receiving notification of a VLN message on my mobile (Android gingerbread) I followed the thread to reply. While I have no problem entering a subject in the subject line, i was unable to enter text in the text editor for the message since the keyboard would not come up.  I went on to try to post to this forum and I could enter a title and tags from my mobile but no text in the wysiwyg editor.
I have no problem posting with the text box in myPortfolio for instance.  Just wondering if something would need to be enable for this to be possible? I will add that I went on to try the very same on IOS5 and it worked, I could enter text!

I look forward to reading from you on that matter




  • Hayden Shaw (View all users posts) 26 Oct 2011 8:14am ()

    Hi Pascale.

    Looks like the editor we use has a bug when running on the android platform.  This has already been reported to the TinyMCE developers by the looks of it so shouldn't be long until there is a fix for this. 

    In the interim, you can still use reply in plain text by clicking on the "Add/Remove editor button" just below the text box. 

    Thanks for letting us know :).

  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron (View all users posts) 26 Oct 2011 8:22am ()

    Thank you Hayden for such a prompt reply! I ll happily wait for the fix since your tip above just does the trick for now! Have a fab day PascaleHP

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